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Wonder Woman- Will she save the DCCU?

by on June 1, 2017

Well folks…it is almost here! The long awaited, deeply anticipated, and in many cases the historic cinematic debut of, Diana, Princess of Themyscira; who the world will soon re-know as WONDER WOMAN.

Wonder Woman first appeared way-way back in 1941, at the time, her creation signified so much for women and our country, as well as defining the idea of being a hero.

My first exposure to Wonder Woman was back when I was about 8 years old, via the Superfriends cartoon (back when there was actually a thing called Saturday morning cartoons) and of course the campy, yet tolerable live action show, Wonder Woman, featuring Lynda Carter.

Back in the day, this is what dreams were made of…

What for some may seem like many lifetimes and for others this may be their first exposure to a hero who rivals “any” hero you can think of (if not, unmatched-more on that coming) in strength, power, fighting ability, and leadership. Wonder Woman is essentially a God when those wrist bracelets come off. She possesses power that even the “world’s mightiest heroes” are not prepared for; let alone possess the ability to stop her if it ever came down to it.

If you happen to know me personally, or have ever listened to the FRAK podcast, then you know I am very much pro-Batman, he can essentially take out any and every member of the Justice League or has a contingency plan ready for them all…except Wonder Woman.

Superman is the only “person” who allegedly can rival her power and possibly stop her…yet generally his boy scout mentality and honorable code of ethics would probably hinder him from doing what “may” need to be done to stop her if she ever went rogue.

*Although Superman’s code of ethics has seriously been compromised in the DCCU by killing…something for me…to that hero is absolutely unacceptable at that point of his movie career; but that is a debate for the future.

So back to the present time, the now – Gal Gadot (pronounced with a hard T), the Israeli born actress who by EVERY account embodies every visual necessity of Wonder Woman needed to make this film as every bit of amazing that this franchise deserves to be, what we hope it will be, and most importantly, save the DCEU from the level of mediocrity it has been stuck in since, Man of Steel (again, a great film, yet deeply flawed). The next films;  BvsS and Suicide Squad were giant messes with a couple of cool moments and great casting (I am still dreaming of Margo & Harley) but still to this day there is no disputing that Marvel reigns supreme and has set the bar incredibly high in the movie division of heroes!  FIGHT ME ON THIS, I double dare you.

I have read to date, dozens of stories of Wonder Woman that have her doing it all from fighting dragons, fighting them damn Nazis, going toe to toe with all of the greatest, including the Gods themselves, and even at times romantically linked to the Bat; there is NOTHING that this woman can not accomplish when properly motivated.

The hype train for this movie is justifiably massive, and as of writing the film reviews have been off the chart positive!

I plan on seeing this film with my family this weekend as well as the majority of the world and you better believe that a full review and podcast is coming from your peoples here at the FRAK.

Get ready my friends, this is sure to be one for the ages.

To be continued….