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Wonder Woman – This movie was a big freaking pile of….

by on June 6, 2017


Sorry for the delay folks, between getting back from vacation and getting reacclimated again to my time zone… I also wanted to give everyone a sufficient amount of time to see this movie before the Frak cracked it open with all of the spoilers and big moments from the film! Also, about a week or so ago I wrote up a story which posed the question of, “Will Wonder Woman be able to save the DCEU?”, and I can unequivocally say, Yes! Yes, she can. Not only is she saving it, but she is literally carrying the DCEU and most of the hero genre on her back!

So, finally! After what felt like an eternity. After months of speculative mumbo-jumbo stating that this movie tested poorly with early audiences, the aforementioned rumors of edits and last minute re-shoots…and the undeniable state of woe that is the DCEU {thanks to big misfires in BvsS and Suicide Squad}, and of course there was plenty of hoopla to add to this in the weeks that led up to the release. The first big laughable item to address was the “women only” screenings of the movie that had all sorts of people up in arms (aka man-sissies)…”discriminating, anti-feministic”, blah blah blah and I actually believe some of these jackasses wanted to lawsuit up against said screenings and those companies/theaters. I can’t make this stuff up guys, Google it! It is pretty laughable.

Then you had the unfortunate nonsense of the country of Lebanon pulling the movie and then flat out banning it altogether hours before the June 2. debut because of actress, Gal Godot’s Israeli heritage. Yes, really…that happened too. Israel and Lebanon, come on guys…hug that shit out already!

Then my favorite was (and it is still being circulated), is that Wonder Woman’s outfit/armor, let alone WW’s accent is not American enough; and people are outraged! It is possible that Lynda Carter version of Wonder Woman from the 70’s and her outfit may have clouded some people’s expectations of WW’s origins and costume design(s). Also, it could be the fact that there are a lot of stupid people out there (I AM LOOKING AT YOU Fox News!)  for not only did Wonder Woman smash all sorts of box office predictions (with the movie earning a whopping $223 million dollars in its global debut!) This was a great movie and without a doubt the best DC film since 2008’s Dark Knight which some people revere as the greatest “comic movie adaptation” ever made.

I have decided to write this review in a different fashion this week for it should go without saying that there are going to be tons of people, and believe it or not – millions of women – who are going to see this film and who may not be as BIG of a “comic nerd” or “hero movie goers” as say any or all of the GoFrakYourself roster. So for me to nit pick details or what I perceived as problems for this film would be unnecessary. I will recommend that if you DO NOT WANT spoilers then do not proceed past the warning sign.

Let’s begin shall we?

Wonder Woman was a very impressively exciting movie from the opening scene straight through to the first end credit! It is an action packed spectacle of ages. We were taken to the fabled Themyscira/Paradise Island, home of the Amazons and the of Diana, who the world will eventually come to know as Wonder Woman. The envisioning of this island of warrior women is breathtaking, visually captivating from the buildings to the training grounds of the Amazons themselves. This is where we are first introduced to a young child version of Diana and we first hear about the odd circumstances and mysteries revolving around her birth. In my own personal knowledge and exposure to WW, there are many different tales and takes on how WW came to be, so it was done rather well in the film to hit all of those marks without actually being unbelievably ridiculous in doing so. There is zero way that anyone is really going to believe that she was actually “sculpted from clay” so the route via, Zeus is your father was absolutely the right choice.

In the brief time that was spent on the island we are introduced to two big characters in Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) and General Antiope (Claire Underwood…I mean Robin Wright) both of whom had a tremendous influence on the raising of Diana and steering her in the path of her true destiny. While one character wanted to protect Diana from the terrors of the real world and the truth behind her lineage, the other embraced those and prepared her for the inevitable, even when given orders not to. I at first had a real tough time seeing House of Cards own First Lady as a amazonian powerhouse but she really stole the beach scene and her brief moments with WW really shined.

After the arrival of Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine) the story really starts to take shape and Diana decides to leave the island and go after the movies end game, Ares, the God of War. We are then taken to London and introduced to various different characters. The chemistry between Diana and Kirk was great…this was such a good pairing; one that easily translated the legend that is their relationship into one that you easily became vested in and rooted for just as much as you have in some of the best power couples in comics like; Clark & Lois, AQ & Mera, and the Bat & the Cat.


Some of the other characters we are introduced into are either cool or that quite honestly either didn’t get enough screen time for me to remember or I was far to enraptured with Gal Godot’s presence on the screen but either way; we were then taken to the frontline of one of history’s most brutal areas within this war- No Man’s Land. It is here, where Wonder Woman first really makes her presence felt within this movie…this scene was amazing! When she (WW) took off her robe and ascended up that ladder and onto that battlefield, it was just frigging EPIC! The way she used her shield to deflect the machine gun nests, and the gauntlets she uses deflecting bullets with ease was- exceptionally done!

The Clock tower scene was just absolutely awesome! Almost every scene that WW was in was just elevated each time. The Lasso of Truth is by far one of the coolest weapon used in a fight. The sound, the glow, the ferocity of her movements and yet graceful execution of each hit as it connected was truly a sight to behold.


The set pieces, the music, the remainder of the cast (with one big misfire) was just excellent. I think the casual fan may have a hard time finding to many flaws with this movie. I will skip to the end of the movie here for the rest of what needs to be covered will be addressed in the spoiler section (below) momentarily.

The movie wraps up on a rather cool note…sort of. The little email she was reading that was briefly shown was from Bruce Wayne, (he is the one who gave her back the photo of her and the WW1 crew) this puts the time line directly after the events of BvsS= cool factor #1. Then finally you heard a big BOOM! This sound is synonymous with ‘Mother Boxes’ and the minions of Darkseid. He is the big bad who is eventually coming and sure to be the end-all villain of DCEU’s master-plan.

On the Frak, I tend to get into debates about the music of movies and such with my Co-Host Mike, most recently with me really just HATING on the usage of classic song Come Together from the Beatles for the Justice League trailer…Way to on the nose. I have to say, the score of this movie was near perfect! Absolutely nailed it.

There you go! This movie is highly recommended! It is not necessary for you to be a big comic book junkie to appreciate this film as just a person who enjoys a really fun, long overdue, and properly represented in all that is justly “Wonderful!”

See what I did there!?


RATING-(8/10) FULL PRICE!!! maybe even 2 times! It falls just short of being a Masterpiece! A couple of odd casting choices and odd “big picture-long term” questions remain unanswered. 


Ok, so here are the problems that I have with the film…while in no way does this change the fact that whether you are a die-hard comic/hero geek or a newcomer to this party, this film should be watched and is highly enjoyable! With that being said…

The monumental task that it must of been to get this movie close to perfection was sure to of been a daunting task for all of the parties involved, YET, how is it ok to ALMOST duplicate, borrow, (heh) steal a healthy portion of this movie from the first Captain America movie? I guess if you’re going to replicate something then you might as well take it from the best; best meaning MCU. I mean come on guys, the group shot of WW and her merry men was almost identical to the photo of Cap and the Howling Commandos.


WHAT THE FRAK is up with casting Professor Lupin from Harry Potter as the God of War? Did the casting agents or director Patty Jenkins owe David Thewlis a favor or something. This guy is not a bad actor by any means, but this was a terrible casting decision and the battle between Ares and WW was borderline power rangers BS…ugh! I hated this part. The fight sequence just was off and it honestly seemed as if they were down to the bottom of the budget with some of the SFX. When he put his helmet on I for a moment forgot what a bad decision it was…I guess to have almost 2 hours worth of awesome with a little crap sprinkle at the end is forgivable, for there were very few shortcomings with in this movie.

Except for this one too…

Dr. Poison and Col. Mustard in the laboratory with the “Venom-ish” type of gas. Sigh! What is the deal with almost every “hero-kind” of movie having such mediocre villains? Did Heath Ledger as the Joker or Ian McDiarmid as Emperor/Palpatine, or how about I go out on a limb and say Magneto, either one Ian McKellan or Michael Fassbender just set the bar to high as what it takes to make a great villain? Or is it the person that green-lit the story path for WW’s debut?


There was quite a build up on the casting of Spanish bombshell actress Elena Anaya and X-men alumni Danny Huston as really being significant players within the movie and even throughout the movie you would of thought they wouldn’t of been so mehhh as characters. That ballroom moment with Dr. Poison and Capt. Kirk was supposed to do what? Was the whole ballroom dance moment with Ludendorff not really weird? Nobody noticed that giant sword sticking out of that gorgeous woman’s bright blue dress? Then Huston’s Ludendorff was able to go toe to toe with WW all by inhaling the power dust/ the venom gas? First of all, is this the early stages of the birth of BANE’s VENOM serum? Well, whether or not you buy my Bane conspiracy, if these villains were so SUPER, why did they not just mass manufacture the gas? This dude went toe to toe with a God!?! Then he didn’t. I was thinking there the entire time that Ludendorff was Ares (no, way is Lupin going to be Ares! To obvious!) then all of a sudden – he wasn’t.

Oh, yeah…The Ares casting sucked!

Ok, so WW decides to spare Dr. Poison at the end…where the hell did she go? What? Where? Do we even care?

Then the final thing that got me, the one thing in the entire movie that just made me roll my eyes! The one part that made me say out loud-AH! Come on! was at the very end during the climactic finale. Directly after the very questionable flashback of less than 5 minutes earlier. The quick exchange of final words from the doomed Steve (sorry, Capt. Kirk) Trevor and the passing of his, watch to Diana, that made her realize and proclaim before driving the proverbial death blow to Ares, that she, “Believes” in a thing called “LOVE!.”

HA! I half expected that horrible song from the Darkness – I believe in a thing called love, to play…I am so, so glad it didn’t.  THIS ONE MOMENT of the movie was just EPICALLY cheeseball ON THE NOSE with the love-lightbulb moment.

Then, there are so many questions one would have to ask…

Why kill Steve Trevor? Could he not of parachuted out, flew into a non-populated area, jumped in a lake or something…dude had a Amazon waiting there for him!!! From a sequel and comic history stand point, there is so much history with these two characters (WW & Kirk) It didn’t really make much sense…but ok, ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED – GOD MODE has now been ACTIVATED!

In line with BvsS lore and DCEU continuity, the “Worlds greatest detective”, Batman/Bruce Wayne… So, No signs of WW from any of our history books? What about World War 2? Where was Wonder Woman? What is the event that made her “disappear” from the scene as was lightly touched upon in BvsS. Why is the world (DCEU) acting like Superman is the first meta? Or up until those stupid, yet convenient – You Tube videos; (of some of the JL) as seen in the tail end of BvS, this was the first time that Bruce had the reason to “look into things”?

And finally, that final shot of Wonder Woman, kinda lame. Is this where the budget bank was blown because of the Ares boss battle? It was so green screen. There were so few moments in that film that made me question SFX, and this was definitely one of them…

And that is about it. There are my beefs! It is without a doubt (again) the best DC film to date since the Nolan series. I seriously would need to re-evaluate my top 10 list, quite possible the top 5. I know one Frak member has already stated that this is “the best hero movie ever watched” and “better then all marvel movies to date”…

I would just tell you that he is CRAZY and this is even with all of my complaints – STILL a great movie to watch and again is highly recommended. I can only hope that very similar to the sequel of the first Captain America movie – the Winter Soldier, (which is unquestionably one of the best made sequels/films ever made) that a truly original tale is told and first the overall film surpasses its predecessor by leaps and bounds, and then we see <maybe> some of the more classic characters such as the Cheetah, Circe, or even Medusa. That story, “the Eyes of the Gorgon”, would be incredible.

I have expressed repeatedly how AWESOME Gal Gadot, and her take on Wonder Woman…no scratch that – SHE IS Wonder Woman! A little fun fact is that Gal was actually part of the Israeli Army at one point in her life…so there is minimal doubt that she could kick your ass and mine in real life! (yes, please!) She is immediately thanks to this movie, in the category of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or Henry Cavill as Superman, the category of, no one else could ever play this character again…she 100% owns it!


RATING-(8/10)  FULL PRICE!!! maybe even 2 times! It falls just short of being a Masterpiece! A couple of odd casting choices and odd “big picture-long term” questions remain unanswered.