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Video: SCUF IMPACT and Infinity 4PS PRO Hands on

by on April 6, 2017

Well, it’s a little later than promised, but it’s here nonetheless. Below is our unboxing of the brand new SCUF IMPACT and Infinity 4PS Pro controllers that we reported on this morning. While this is an unboxing, I do go over some of the cool features of the SCUF controllers and why they are considered the best controllers for competitive gaming.

Please pardon the quality of this video, I was without my high quality camera and had to shoot in my garage (if you follow the podcast, you’d know that a tree fell on my house, causing a crap load of damage), instead of in my nice office.

I plan on spending the rest of the week with the new SCUF’s before I post a final review. That review should be up this weekend at some point, so check back. Until then, check out the unboxing and see what they sent.

  • Luke Arneaud

    Yo i just checked out your site sorry to hear about your house