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Video: Playing Titanfall 2 with a SCUF IMPACT

by on April 6, 2017

So last night I tested out the new SCUF IMPACT controller for the PS4 by playing the smoothest, fastest shooter on the console, Titanfall 2. I wanted to see just how tight the thumbsticks were, how responsive the paddles were with the new circuit board and well, I have to say it was pretty damn nice. Also, the new design is… well, I save that for the full review.

Before you watch the video below, here’s the catch. I had my Mic on mute the whole damn time. Yeah, yeah, cue the “Noob” comments. I get it, I get it. I poked fun at myself, you don’t need to go giving it a thumbs down because it’s quiet, like some douchebag did. Either way, the clip is about 11 minutes long, but you can watch the game play, see how I play and if you want, skip to the end and see how good I really am with this new SCUF.

Next till I’ll check the mic.