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Video: First trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One

by on July 24, 2017

One of my favorite books of the last 10 year has to be Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. It’s a book that’s filled with nostalgia for anyone who played video games, watched movies and listened to music in the 80’s. From films like War Games, Blade Runner and Back to the Future to video games like Joust, Pac Man and Black Tiger to music from bands like Rush, Cline’s novel interweaves all of these pop culture icons into a book that’s like a mix of Charlie and Chocolate Factory and The Da Vinci Code. It’s filled with twists and turns, puzzles and mystery and ultimately a search for hidden easter eggs that lead to the ultimate prize.

Upon finishing the book, I immediately said to myself, I want to see this in a movie, but at the same time, was concerned. How was a director and a movie studio going to get the rights to pull something like this book off in a film. I mean there literally hundreds of references and imagery that would have to be in the film and thus, require a licensing agreement from the properties owners. I mean, there are scenes, that are important, where the main character literally acts out the movie War Games and Blade Runner. He drives the delorean from Back to the Future and has fights with MechaGodzilla, Ultra-Man and Voltron. Needless to say, it would require a very powerful person to pull all of this off.

Enter, Steven Spielberg. The most powerful, influential, not to mention wealthy, directors of all time. A man who has won multiple Academy Awards, has made movies like Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Hook, A.I., Bridge of Spies, Lincoln, Jurassic Park and of course Indiana Jones. Spielberg isn’t just producing the film, he’s directing it. I knew right away, this film is in the best hands, if anyone was going to direct this film, it HAD to be Spielberg.

This past weekend was Comic Con and we received our first look at the trailer. While you may have seen it elsewhere already, it’s always worth a second, third or even fourth watch. Or in my case, I think ninth.