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Video: Agents of Mayhem by Saint’s Row Developer Volition

by on April 3, 2017

So the team at Volition, the developers of the popular Saint’s Row and Red Faction games, have released a trailer for their new game, Agents of Mayhem. Agents is a game that promotes the concept of “Bad vs Evil,” so don’t look for any goody-two-shoes here. This trailer looks like a serious mash up of Saint’s Row, Crackdown, Overwatch and Team Fortress 2. No lie, the game looks to be fun and with the use of the A-Team and Nightrider music, they are clearly going for a more lighthearted and humor filled game. Unlike Overwatch, which also chose to use a more stylized art approach, Agents of Mayhem features a full single-player campaign. While we still need to learn more about what the game offers, the game does appear to focus on 3 vs 3, but does it allow for a full CO-OP single player experience?

Check out the video below, courtesy of the folks at GameSpot’s YouTube Channel. Leave us your thoughts down below in the comments. Are you excited, intrigued, or do you just not care?