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Transformers RPG Fighting game, Forged to Fight is now out FREE for iOS and Android

by on April 6, 2017

The new Transformers mobile game, Forged to Fight, is now available for both iOS and Android devices. Developed by game studio Kabam, the same team that brought us games like Star Wars: Uprising and Marvel Contest of Champions, Forged to Fight is a fast-paced fighting game that features some pretty cool RPG elements, allowing players to build up their favorite Transformer characters.

The App is free on both platforms and is inspired by several generations of Transformers, from the G1 cartoon to the new Michael Bay films and quite a few in between. When a game is free to play, there is usually some sort of in-app purchase that many players will find annoying, but hey, the game is free to try out, if you like it great, if not, no harm, no foul.

Editor’s Note: This game plays awesome. While I’m not that far into it, it looks great for an iOS game and the combat system is freaking great. Once I get further into it, I’m curious to see where the paywall pops up and I’m basically forced to play to play. Until then, I’m digging it.

Here’s the launch trailer.