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The Walking Dead Season 7 Poo-nale!

by on April 3, 2017

Well last night marked the end of the 7th season (and without question) the WORST season of this show created thus far. One of the survivors didn’t quite make it back to Alexandria in the same condition as to when she left and when it was all said in done (in the mega-sized extended episode of TWD) there was zero closure to the story arc of Negan & the Saviors; instead “US” viewers were left in disbelief to what just went down. The fact that we sat through a whole season plus a extra 90 minutes for this turd-fest of a finale and still have yet to get to the big fight.

For shame. Here is the breakdown= SPOILERS BELOW!!!

First the good:

It was nice to see Abraham again….remember him, he got killed in the very first episode. It was a real nasty number that we probably forgot about because of the immediate follow up of Lucille’s dance with Glenn’s face. Well, Abe was back in flashback/dream sequence style of presence during what was to be Sasha’s final moments due to Eugene’s suicide pill. It was exciting knowing it was happening and the pacing was much much better this episode (which really hurts the show at the very rush of a back end).

I mean let’s face it “someone had to die,” they rolled out a frigging coffin for her (Sasha) to travel back to Alexandria with so it was pretty obvious &  the actual REVEAL or TWIST of WHEN she was indeed dead, was truly done well. The pill kicked in and killed a willing and accepting Sasha before the opening of casket; no-one was expecting her to be zombified already, especially Negan. Sasha went HARD at Negan but he was rescued by one of his red-shirt Saviors in which Sasha devoured…HA! good times!

*UPDATE-it is also hilarious that zombie Sasha was able to pick out the good from the bad on who she should eat and of course when the shooting did start (see below) she was able to also leave the compound unscathed….well except for being a zombie and all.

The “cavalry is here” moment was pretty “laughably” predictably cool (meh’) and it was about damn time that tiger ate some Saviors, I mean they are the worst pieces of trash in human existence for supporting a sadistic prick like Negan, so even though this episode was bad….who doesn’t enjoy seeing tigers eating these muthaf***ers!? So, yeah that was cool!

*In case you were wondering, King Zeke is also a Wild Thornberry and he was able to tell Shiva the tiger who to pounce on and eat prior to the Kingdom arriving.

Yea, cool to see Carol finally ready to rumble; riot geared and rifled up. Morgan back (kinda) and he actually killed a couple of people, stupid a** Coral making that crucial move to sway the tide back in their favor & of course the King Ezekiel and his whimsical Kingship dialogue is always a good hoot.

And that is about it. The rest is a POO- storm of illogical nonsensical bullsh** that should just start right at Mila Jolavich’s meth-ed out younger slightly special ed (?) distant cousin from the junkyard. I think they are now called the Scavengers. REALLY?!?  So, Rick lets the scavenger queen who wants to “LAY WITH RICK NEXT”, all the while pulling off the biggest bamboozlement since one zombie ate ALL of Lori then sat down to rest! The Scavengers were able to diffuse all of the bombs underneath Rosita, Daryl, Coral, Preacher, etc., watch and get into prime back stabbing position on every said survivor at the same time. These same scavengers who can barely form complete sentences were smart enough to double cross the entire village multiple times, for they were cutting a side deal with Negan for I think 10 people (?) for F**** what? Who the F*** are these people again….the zombie apocalypse started at the same time for every one…so why are you talking like that!!! It’s not just one person either (Insane Asylum theory) its multiple people. Michonne got her a** kicked pretty hard core, had a Glenn Popeye looking moment. I guess being in love has made Michonne a chump because she barely made it…because of that trash lady #45, Really. SMH.

The guns start to shoot and the way that the s*** start popping everyone should of been dead! I love a good gunfight but this was absolute chaos! As mentioned above ‘Coral’, turned the tide after the big betrayal and Negan entrance and everyone was getting shot.

*Zombie Sasha (Zomsha) is just walking around sight seeing and eating the occasional Savior.

Rosita got clipped (flesh wound), the Meth-lady leader shot Rick which I guess swayed the tide of battle back in Negan’s favor which really didn’t make any sense because Rick should’ve been able to scramble when he got kicked off the tower and start popping caps in Saviors (but Nah!) and there was zero reason as to why Coral should’ve been captured by Trevor and the saviors no less lined up & waiting for a little Lucille deja-vu action. The “Methy” trash leader brought Rick to Negan and he too was lined up next to his boy Coral (nothing says quality time with your boy like possibly getting your brains bashed in-again).

Negan and Rick had some good ole fun dialog exchanges before Negan marked Coral for death and the instant before Lucille could smash a head Shiva the tiger,  the Kingdom,  & Hilltop arrive to save the day (apparently Daryl, Jesus, Rosita, all were still busy fighting other trash-people to save Rick first?)

*Upon futher research it appears that since Alexandria had always prided itself in being a impenetrable walled up town, partly why Negan always has to knock politely before entering. The kingdom and hilltop arrived via magical wardrobe located in secret house in town. The magical aura of the wardrobe also casts a spell at the time of shooting which help explain as to why ZERO zombies were present in closing scenes, especially the ones as to where Negan ya know, gets away.

Ughhhh!! This show just made some absolutely stupid decisions this season. First and foremost with the death of Glen (you had a opportunity to change the show for better/the exact same spot where I stopped caring in the comics too) It could’ve and should’ve been anyone else if not just for Abe….you-{The Walking Dead} DOCUMENTED HERE IS the start to your ascension to the kingdom of suck and soon to be non-renewed right here! Are we really to believe these Scavengers were the best you could do? This big battle was not the war that is supposed to be coming and  is sure to be dragged out and mixed in with all sorts of gobble-gook for I predict 2 more seasons!? I am shocked I have spent the energy writing as much as I have. This show sucks. I am 98% out…save for the fact I still am waiting for the death of the final 4 remaining original cast members in Rick, Coral, Carol, & Daryl…that I would still want to see.

Then it is over.

A scale of 1-10

Frak gives it = YOU SUCK!