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The Greatest Batman team is back with a new Comic run this August

by on April 7, 2017

We really haven’t had many comic book stories that were so exciting that we’ve had to have conversations on the podcast or even post here on the site, but this one… oh man. I’m so damn excited.

If you’ve read any of the mainline Batman comics within the last 6 years or so, with the exception of the last year, you’ve undoubtedly read the best Batman comics in decades, maybe even ever. That’s because of the talented team behind those comics, artist Greg Capullo, (Spawn, Reborn and his own creation Creech (which is an awesome figure that I still own)) and writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Iron Man Noir and Swamp thing). Together, these guys have created some of the best story arcs, Batman fans have ever read, such as Batman: Court of Owls, Batman: Death of the Family and Batman: SuperHeavy. The latter of which was the last run by the team, which saw Bruce Wayne with no memory (due to a battle with the Joker at the end of Death of the Family) working at the Lucius Fox Center for Gotham Youth, while Jim Gordon picks up the mantle of Batman and defends Gotham with the help of a robotic suit, battling a terrifying new villain, Mr. Bloom. What’s so great about Capullo and Snyder is that DC has given them the freedom to create some of their own characters and villains, while redefining others, many of which have already become staples in comics and pop culture, like Talon from Court of Owls, Mr. Bloom, and the now infamous Joker, with his face cut off and worn like a mask.

The duo’s next project is a six issue run that starts in August. The comic is titled Dark Nights (see the image above) and will be part of a new company wide event, Metal. To be clear, Metal is not the subtitle to the comic, it’s not Dark Nights: Metal. It’s just Dark Nights. The metal branding is an event that will be hitting Justice League, Wonder Woman and as well as Superman comics too. This comic is already looking dark, with Batman carrying two axes, walking through fire. Clearly, shit has hit the fan. But what exactly, we don’t know. What we do know, is that Metal has something to do with an element, like a periodic table element, that goes back to creation of man. This element has been used by other heroes within the Justice League, like Hawkman for example. So, how does this all come together and what does the “Dark” in the title have to do with the story? We’ll have to wait and see, it’s going to be an interweaving web of complexities, but with Snyder at the helm of the story and Capullo leading Batman’s art, we’re in for a freaking treat.

Speaking at FanExpo Dallas, LIVE on Facebook, Snyder said:

“I’ve been planning METAL for as long as I’ve been writing BATMAN. But this is bigger than BATMAN. Greg and I started dropping clues during Court of Owls, we continued through our Joker stories and we placed our biggest hints in the run that culminated with BATMAN #50. And now we’re back to tell a story that breaks everything apart. This will be the definitive project of our careers. METAL takes us in an entirely new direction. Greg and I will dig beneath the surface of all the stories we’ve told to find a place of terror and twisted nightmares.”

His Batman Partner, Capullo said:

“As you’ve probably heard by now, brother Scott and I are renewing our comic wedding vows. I’m looking forward to rock’n’ and roll’n’ together again. Fans have been loud and clear; they want more from us. You know what they say; give the people what they want. Jonathan Glapion and FCO, the original Bat team, will be riding the lightning with Scott and I once again. We’re primed and ready to blow it up.”

Snyder has said that this story will be dark, scarier, maybe not as grim, but definitely darker. I personally, couldn’t be happier and more excited to read this book. As an artist, who for a while aspired to be a comic book artist, I have followed Capullo’s career for years and when I saw he was reteaming with Snyder, I was like… FUCK YEAH! I reached out to Greg personally on twitter and told him I was writing this piece and if he could, please give me three words to describe what we can expect in Dark Nights. Below is his response:

How do you not get excited by that response? Answer, it’s impossible not too.

As I mentioned previously, this comic run starts in August so we’ll have plenty of time to speculate. Plus, as the story unfolds, we’ll be talking about it on the cast (and the site) as well.