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When you’re CEO, You’re CEO 4 Life!

by Tom Whiteon June 20, 2017
Six years ago I ran into a You Tube video on a review of Super Street Fighter 4. At the time I was looking for a new outlet to get involved in. As an OG Street Fighter 2 player I was intrigued again to get back into the game. Through YouTube though I found a […]

Opinion: Why Microsoft is positioning the Xbox One X (aka Scorpio) to fail

by Mike Wewerkaon June 12, 2017
So yesterday afternoon, Sunday, June 11, Microsoft held its big keynote ahead of the week of E3. This was the platform on which they’d official unveil their newest console, previously known as Project Scorpio. As of now, we are to call Scorpio, The Xbox One X, because you know, S and X and One and […]

Podcast: Episode 32 – The Wonder Frak (Plus E3 and a Live Black Panther Reaction)

by Mike Wewerkaon June 11, 2017
J is back from his trip to New Mexico and re-joins the show with Mike, as they welcome guest Tom, back to the show to talk about last week’s big movie release, Wonder Woman. But first, the big happenings in the world of video games, E3 kicks off the day after the show records, so […]

Tekken 7 – Can Akuma make Namco King Of The Hill?

by Tom Whiteon June 4, 2017
First things first. I’m a Street Fighter player. Love Street Fighter. I have an Akuma tattoo on my back. So, when it got revealed that Akuma would be landing in Tekken 7 I was excited. I dabbled in Tekken over the years. Tekken 2 and 3 were my favorites. Tekken Tag was my ps2 launch […]

Forza Horizon 3’s Hot Wheels update is now Live! (Pictures)

by Mike Wewerkaon May 9, 2017
I have yet to pick up Forza Horizon 3, I’m not sure why, laziness maybe?!? I was going to replace my old water-logged Xbox One (if you don’t know the story at this point, listen to some of the old podcasts) with an Xbox One S with Forza Horizon 3 Bundle, but when I saw […]

NBA Playgrounds dunks its way to retail on May 9th

by Mike Wewerkaon May 4, 2017
NBA Playgrounds, the game that looks to continue the legacy of NBA JAM, from the 90’s, is almost here. Previewed a while back, the 2 on 2 arcade style basketball game is being developed by Saber Interactive (Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Unreal Champion reboot) and does in fact carry the NBA official branding, […]

Call of Duty WWII Officially revealed, coming November 3rd, Sledgehammer Games takes us back to War

by Mike Wewerkaon April 26, 2017
As promised, Activision and Sledgehammer Games have delivered their worldwide reveal of the next game in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: WWII. A new World War II game for next generation console, including 4K gaming. This is the first time we’ll get to see the battle of Normandy in stunning 4K visuals […]

Rumor: Halo 6 to return to a Master Chief only campaign

by Mike Wewerkaon April 26, 2017
If you’ve listened to a few episodes of the podcast or even read my scathing review of Halo 5, then you’d know that I, as a Halo fan, was not pleased with the direction that 343 Industries took with the story. I don’t know how many times I’ve said over the years, that Halo is […]

More Call of Duty WWII images leak

by Mike Wewerkaon April 14, 2017
A few weeks ago, leaked artwork for Activision’s newest Call of Duty title, rumored to be WWII, by Sledgehammer Games made its way online via several “leakers.” See the header image as one example. We also saw posters, steelbook boxes, with several different box art variations. Like this one below: But as we get closer […]

Competitive multiplayer game, Deformers, due out next week

by Mike Wewerkaon April 12, 2017
While we try to bring you the best news on all the latest and greatest games, we also feel the need the need to pepper in some other games. That’s not to say that games in this “category” are less important or not as “great,” they are just lesser known titles that could use a little […]