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Call of Duty WWII Officially revealed, coming November 3rd, Sledgehammer Games takes us back to War

by Mike Wewerkaon April 26, 2017
As promised, Activision and Sledgehammer Games have delivered their worldwide reveal of the next game in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: WWII. A new World War II game for next generation console, including 4K gaming. This is the first time we’ll get to see the battle of Normandy in stunning 4K visuals […]

Video: Playing Titanfall 2 with a SCUF IMPACT

by Mike Wewerkaon April 6, 2017
So last night I tested out the new SCUF IMPACT controller for the PS4 by playing the smoothest, fastest shooter on the console, Titanfall 2. I wanted to see just how tight the thumbsticks were, how responsive the paddles were with the new circuit board and well, I have to say it was pretty damn […]

Video: SCUF IMPACT and Infinity 4PS PRO Hands on

by Mike Wewerkaon April 6, 2017
Well, it’s a little later than promised, but it’s here nonetheless.¬†Below is our unboxing of the brand new SCUF IMPACT and Infinity 4PS Pro controllers that we reported on this morning. While this is an unboxing, I do go over some of the cool features of the SCUF controllers and why they are considered the […]