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Podcast: Episode 42 – GamesCom Recap

by Mike Wewerkaon August 27, 2017
In episode 42 of the cast, Mike and Jsun do a quick recap of some of the news from GamesCom, like Xbox One X pre-orders go live, and a price is announced, Battlefield 1 gets a new 6 vs 6 competitive mode, and Blizzard shows off a new map and a new animated short for […]

Podcast: Episode 36 – The Frak Zone

by Mike Wewerkaon July 16, 2017
Mike and J welcome back Tatiana Morris of GameZone to the Frak, talk about their new partnership, getting more guests on the show from GameZone and how they’ll be writing content for GameZone as well. Mike, J and Tatiana talk Destiny 2, the Beta, Overwatch, Doomfist and yes, the Nintendo Switch. J gets called out […]

Blizzard releases all Doomfist skins, emotes and voice lines on Overwatch PTR

by Mike Wewerkaon July 13, 2017
Yesterday, Blizzard updated the PC Public Test Realm (PTR) for Overwatch, which included a lot of new stuff for players to dig into, especially regarding the upcoming hero, Doomfist. The update added in all of the hero’s skins, emotes, voice lines, play of the game poses and more. Since I’ve been playing the PTR since […]

Blizzard’s Overwatch League kicks off later this year

by Mike Wewerkaon July 12, 2017
We’ve known for a while that Blizzard was looking to make Overwatch the next big thing in competitive gaming, we’ve known that Blizzard was hunting for big money to make this league jump kick off the ground. On this week’s podcast, J and I talk about Robert Kraft, CEO of the Kraft Group, you know, […]

Podcast: Episode 35 – Doomfisted

by Mike Wewerkaon July 10, 2017
Mike and J are back with guest Tom to talk about Overwatch, yes again, and its newest hero character… DoomFist. The guys break down how the character plays on the Public Test Realm, memes that have popped up and jokes about this name. They also talk about other games they’ve been playing, like The Witness, […]

Photos: All New Overwatch Legendary Skins in Anniversary Event

by Mike Wewerkaon May 23, 2017
So we finally have all the new legendary skins that will be available from today until early June in the Overwatch 1 year anniversary event. I have to say, I almost want all of these. Usually I only want maybe 1 or 2 really bad, but man, Blizzard outdid themselves on this event. I want […]

Overwatch Anniversary Event, maps, skins and Game of the Year Edition are now LIVE

by Mike Wewerkaon May 23, 2017
Today is the day, Overwatch officially turns 1 year old (well, technically tomorrow), but since Blizzard uses Tuesdays to do their updates and launches, it’s today. The anniversary event, which includes new maps, skins, sprays and more (100 new cosmetic items) is officially live, so if you go to your console/PC of choice, you can […]

Overwatch Anniversary event will bring three maps for 3 vs 3 mode

by Mike Wewerkaon May 18, 2017
So yesterday we reported on the story that Blizzard was preparing to launch another event, this time to celebrate the game’s one year anniversary. Blizz didn’t give much information on the event, other than the start and end dates. No details were given as to what players could expect come next Tuesday or even a […]

Blizzard “sort of” Announces Overwatch Anniversary Event and Game of the Year Edition

by Mike Wewerkaon May 17, 2017
Blizzard being Blizzard, otherwise know as being coy or sneaky. So the developer of Warcraft and Starcraft, has announced a “Game of the Year” edition of Overwatch set to drop on May 23rd (aka next Tuesday). The sneaky part? No price. We do know that it will be a digital version of the game, but aside […]

Datamine of Xbox Store leads to more Overwatch Anniversary Leaks

by Mike Wewerkaon May 11, 2017
We are rapidly approaching the one year anniversary of Overwatch’s release. Overwatch has become the fast growing property for Blizzard and continues to be a cash cow, having brought in over $1 Billion dollars in its first year alone. On top of that, after a year of sitting on store shelves (and digital catalogs) the […]