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Netflix- Gerald’s Game

by Jsunon October 2, 2017
What a strange year 2017 has been. In directly relating to the entertainment world we have now seen the release of 3 Stephen King book to screen adaptations. One would think that a pretty smart guy like myself would of figured out by now that there has yet to be movie of his that I […]

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite- The Marvel Side

by Jsunon October 1, 2017
Dude, this game kinda sucks yet still kinda rocks. This should be the slogan or marketing campaign for this most recent version of Marvel vs Capcom dubbed the Infinite, version which released to a few weeks with a lackluster pop and fizzle….surprisingly yet not surprisingly; this is Capcom…we should know how they do. This franchise […]

Review: Game of Thrones – Season 7, Episode 1 – SPOILERS

by Mike Wewerkaon July 17, 2017
Winter has come. For six straight seasons, we’ve heard the words, winter is coming. Even Sean Bean’s (SPOILER) decapitated Eddard “Ned” Stark told us viewers that winter was coming in the first episode that aired way back in 2011. But just as everything comes to a head, the arguments, the battles, and the war that […]

New Game of Thrones Season 7 Promo gives us the best look yet

by Mike Wewerkaon May 24, 2017
So the official twitter account for Game of Thrones just posted the video below, the newest most detailed look at Season 7. I’ll just leave it right here and you all and comment on it. The great war begins 7.16. Rally the realm. Share the official #GameofThrones Season 7 trailer. #GoTS7 — Game Of Thrones […]

New Mobile Call of Duty game on the way from Candy Crush developer

by Mike Wewerkaon April 7, 2017
Back at the tail end of 2015, it was announced that gaming giant Activision had purchased King Digital Entertainment – the developers of the mega popular Candy Crush series of games. Though they do make other games, let’s face it, everyone just plays Candy Crush. Since then, it’s been quiet on all fronts as just […]

2016 BAFTA Award Winners

by Mike Wewerkaon April 6, 2017
Considered by many to be the “Oscars” for the video game industry, the BAFTAs or the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, has announced the winners of the video game categories for 2016. It was a hard fight, as Uncharted 4 and Overwatch have been battling it out all over the place for game […]