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Matter of Frak Ep.10- 60 Billion dollars!

by Jsunon December 12, 2017
Welcome back! We got you a cosmic serving of awesome on this one as we are joined by Frak alumni Marcus & Freddy.     On this episode we cover the following Net Neutrality w/words from the Flying Dutchman-2:15 Ryan Reynolds new side gig Disney & Fox’s 60 Billion dollar deal that is in the works-10:26 […]

Video: Ridley Scott’s Alien Covenant meets John Denver? Yes, it’s good

by Mike Wewerkaon April 4, 2017
With its release pending next month, Fox is really pushing the marketing campaign for Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. We’ve had a long-form trailer, which featured crew members hanging out in the common room, bs’ing about life and the future, only to end up being chased by a Xenomorph by the end. Just last week Fox gave […]