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Podcast: Episode 37 – San Diego Comic Con Recap

by Mike Wewerkaon July 24, 2017
Mike and J talk about video games, from Overwatch’s Doomfist arrival, Terry Crews in Crackdown, Ghost Recon getting PvP, Nintendo game sells for 42K, new Atari hardware and of course the new Call of Duty WWII Zombie trailer. On the second half of the show, the guys break down some of the new movie trailers […]

UPDATED: Gaming website Polygon silencing comments that don’t align with their agenda

by Mike Wewerkaon April 27, 2017
UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM ### I never wanted to write something like this on our website, but you’ll see why I did when you’re finished reading this post. I know it’s long, but please read the whole thing. ### If you’ve listened to the podcast (Go Frak Yourself) or been to our Facebook page, you’ve […]

First Look: Call of Duty WWII Zombies

by Mike Wewerkaon April 26, 2017
So while the announcement of the new Call of Duty WWII has come and gone, the announcement of multiplayer was vague, though does show something really cool and big, which I’ll cover in a bit, the second tidbit that was mentioned, was the inclusion of another Zombies mode. Unlike Infinite Warfares over the top, 80’s, […]

Call of Duty WWII Officially revealed, coming November 3rd, Sledgehammer Games takes us back to War

by Mike Wewerkaon April 26, 2017
As promised, Activision and Sledgehammer Games have delivered their worldwide reveal of the next game in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: WWII. A new World War II game for next generation console, including 4K gaming. This is the first time we’ll get to see the battle of Normandy in stunning 4K visuals […]

Leaked: Tiny images of what could be scenes from SledgeHammer Games Call of Duty WWII

by Mike Wewerkaon April 24, 2017
Well, now that I’m back from my conference, I’m back at the keyboard and eagerly anticipating the announcement (in video form) of the newest Call of Duty game, WWII, from Sledgehammer Games. We’ve since gotten the official naming and promo images from Activision, which confirmed all those leaks that have been making their way around […]

More Call of Duty WWII images leak

by Mike Wewerkaon April 14, 2017
A few weeks ago, leaked artwork for Activision’s newest Call of Duty title, rumored to be WWII, by Sledgehammer Games made its way online via several “leakers.” See the header image as one example. We also saw posters, steelbook boxes, with several different box art variations. Like this one below: But as we get closer […]

New Mobile Call of Duty game on the way from Candy Crush developer

by Mike Wewerkaon April 7, 2017
Back at the tail end of 2015, it was announced that gaming giant Activision had purchased King Digital Entertainment – the developers of the mega popular Candy Crush series of games. Though they do make other games, let’s face it, everyone just plays Candy Crush. Since then, it’s been quiet on all fronts as just […]

Activision planning Call of Duty movie universe, possibly kicking off in 2018

by Mike Wewerkaon April 6, 2017
Considering I’m a hugh Call of Duty mark fan, you’d think I’d be all in on this announcement. I’d also be lying if I said I wasn’t “intrigued,” however when I think of video games becoming films, I’m reminded of all of the failures that lie before COD, like a graveyard in Ireland that just […]