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Nintendo Switch Headset and Chat solution detailed

by Mike Wewerkaon June 2, 2017
Ever since the launch of the Switch, we’ve been told that the hybrid console would be getting voice chat support. Since then, details have come in drips. At one point we heard that a smartphone would be required to use voice chat, which left many people stunned and confused. We have been told that Splatoon […]

Podcast: Episode 29 – Alien Injustice

by Mike Wewerkaon May 21, 2017
Mike and J are back after a week off with VIP guest who’s been on the show 4 times, Joe Boykin (first half) of Project Pixel Art and Tom White (back half). With Joe, Mike and J talk movie news and J and Joe give their review on Alien Covenant. On the back half of […]

VIDEO: Fan mods GTA V to recreate the whole Terminator 2 Movie

by Mike Wewerkaon May 12, 2017
Just when I thought it was MineCraft players who had absolutely no life, when I see that a few of them have recreated real life buildings in the game, comes this new story that blows me away. Thanks to our friends over at GameZone, I witnessed this amazing mod job of GTA V. A Russian […]

Avatar sequels 2,3,4,& 5 have officially been dated. Avatar what? Avatar who??

by Jsunon April 23, 2017
Who remembers that movie with that planet full of blue guys? Remember it had a bunch of humans in it and a bunch of space ships that designs were taken from a Halo game? Did you say Avatar? Alright! Good for you…wait a minute, not that Avatar!   I mean really, tell me you can […]

Pay Day 2 coming to Nintendo Switch in 2017

by Mike Wewerkaon April 13, 2017
Nintendo is doing so much right with the Switch, and yet, so much, so wrong, at the same time. It’s like watching two people in a canoe, each paddling the opposite way. In this case, the guy upfront is lining up great first party games, staggering them throughout the year instead of leaving dry spells […]

Updated: Leaked Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

by Mike Wewerkaon April 12, 2017
UPDATE: Apparently the video has been pulled, so I guess it was the real deal, not that there was ever any doubt, but a shame nonetheless. It’s brief. It’s not long. BUT, it’s real and it’s mostly, if not all, in-game engine. It’s the trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II, coming this Holiday season. It’s […]