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Stranger Things Season 2 (SPOILERish) Mini-Review

by on October 30, 2017

One marathon nine-hour session. That was my Friday this past week. It’s really the only acceptable way to watch “Stranger Things” in my opinion. It delivers on every level, minus a few little hiccups along the way.

We get reintroduced to the gang as they it’s now one year later since the events we left off at. The hidden secret of Eleven living with Jim after she found her way back to our world is the is immediately revealed. We also find that Eleven wasn’t the only one to survive the experiments. Eight is the newest numbered edition who hangs out with a bunch of misfits, but she is using her powers to extract revenge on the people that had anything to do with the experiments. She’s and interesting character for sure and at first a Yodaesque teacher for Eleven. As the plodding episode 7 drags on you see Eleven go through her lifting the X-Wing moment. This episode highlights one of the very few problems I had with this season. Episode six and seven sucked for me. One of the biggest advantages of this show is the “Final Fantasy” aspect where they are all on this quest together. It’s by far the connection with all the characters and their friendships that drive the show. In Ep. 6 we have no Eleven, and Ep. 7 where there is only Eleven. I mean maybe it’s good writing or it just proves how endearing they are, but it felt like those two episodes were a crawl rather than the sprint the show has maintained.






Other than that gripe, I loved it. It’s exactly how I wanted it to go. New monster? Check. Constantly wondering about Paul Riser’s doctor character turning? Dustin got some teeth? Steve being a badass? Check and then some. The new character Billy was a bit odd to me. I thought he was gay actually for most of the season, but he did have a pretty cool “Stifler’s Mom” buildup in Episode 7. Sweet Trans Am though for sure. Eight could definitely have some impacts in the shows future, but it kind of felt forced a bit with her appearance and Christ-like worship by her followers.

We are going a lot deeper into this on the podcast for next week. Definitely check this out, and interact with us in the comments section once we post it. You won’t miss these nine hours of your life. Now the long wait begins for the inevitable season three.