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Special Holiday Episodes: The Frak ep.-49 & MoF ep.11 (The Star Wars Editions)

by on December 22, 2017

The wait is over, a week has passed and it is long overdue for us to crack open this movie something proper. As of writing this there is actually a petition to have this film removed from existing Star Wars lore and canon? Yes mam or sir, this is very true!

There are quite a bit of angry and butthurt fans and newcomers alike who can not comprehend what went down in a galaxy so very far away. The Frak family of course is not short on conflicting feelings and emotions in regards to what we have seen. The question is are we pulled to the light or should we bury this in the dark? Find out now!!! FULL SPOILERS IN (MOF) the second link!!!

The Frak Episode 49- Your Welcome (SWTLJ prologue)

This episode marks the return of Mike as we attempt to not talk about games and ready up for the review of Star Wars the Last Jedi.
In typical Frak fashion we get derailed almost immediately and we wind up finding out about all the loot that was spent and what games were acquired during Black Friday.
This is a short and sweet power-frak episode that will serve as the prologue to the Star Wars cast.



Matter of Frak Episode 11- Star Wars The Last Jedi (Sidious Edition)

On this special Star Wars edition show, J & Mike are joined by Tom to assess and review the latest edition of the Star Wars saga-The Last Jedi.

This is a 110% spoiler filled show that will discuss the films many highs and all of the nonsensical lows that transpired.

  • Patton Oswald’s filibuster
  • John Williams epic score
  • special appearance from General Hux
  • closing words from the actor who plays Mark Hamill-Luke Skywalker himself.

This episode of MoF was brought to you by Colt 45.
Did we love it? Did we hate it? Does this film deserve the petition to be struck from Star Wars canon all together?
As always, drop us some love or hate in the comments or send us email!
Thanks for listening!