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SNL Finale hosted by the Rock

by on May 21, 2017

Well the big SNL Finale is here! In a feat that few hosts have had the honor of accomplishing the Rock returns for a 5th time and featuring musical guest Katy Perry

On the week in to this finale word hit the vine that SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan was leaving after 9 seasons, and also Vanessa Bayer would also end her long run with the show after 7 seasons.

Drunk Uncle and Riblet you will be missed, Jacob the annoying little Jewish boy…not so much, loved her other stuff just not this one so much. This now leaves just Keenan Thompson as the sole remaining senior cast member of the 43 year old show.


I can assuredly say this show is going to be great! The Rock always makes great TV whether it be a sketch, speech, or impromptu song…and speaking of songs, Katy Perry! Oh boy, you don’t have to be a big fan to appreciate her beauty and with live tv maybe she will join a sketch and kiss a girl and or have a booby pop out!! This is the finale too, so there are sure to be all sorts of surprises!! I AM IN!!! I CANT WAIT TO 11:30 PM after being up at 6:15 am and actively awake all day (remember I am a stay at home Dad, there is ZERO rest!) and we just finished talking about this on the Frak which ran super late (as usual) and it did not get to bed until almost 1:30 am!

SNL Bring it on!

OH DAMN, I was playing Tomb Raider till 11:32 pm! I almost forgot! Lol, my wife fell asleep about 9:30 (literally in 5 minutes of me putting our son to sleep) so at 9:37 I was logging in to game. I gotta capitalize on game times when I can! So again!!!

SNL Bring it on! Whew just made it! Look at my wife snoring away on the couch…ha, ha…she is going to miss a good one. I literally turn the tv on at the, “LIVE FROM New York!” and the intro rolls!

Rock comes out and starts to make his speech and in mere minutes Alec Baldwin joins him for he is of course a 5 time SNL host as well (first). They exchange some witty banter, as Baldwin of late has been on fire for playing a spot on rendition of our beloved president Donald J. Chump.

Then the Rock addresses the rumors circulating around about whether or not he should run for president in 2020, “I first worried if I was not qualified enough, now I think I might be overqualified!” Then he said- Yes, he will run for president and introduced his running mate and also 5-time SNL host in Tom Hanks! That is right-

As they said, they are 2 out of the 3 things that all Americans can agree on… the third being=Pizza!

Doubtful as of now that this was nothing more then a joke…but still plenty of time for ANYTHING TO HAPPEN!

So that above shot is the end of the intro, cue pre-scripted sketch about a diamond encrusted fidget spinner=LOL, oh man this is going to be a great episode!!!

Commercial  Break happens…..Im just going to lean on this pillow here….


Next thing I realize is my wife waking me up at 1:30 am to take my ass to bed!

Sorry folks….check your you-tube, check your social feeds…..man oh man…its so hard to stay awake past 11:30!

I got you on the Rock’s 6th SNL appearance, promise!