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Sex sells and this time its free!

by on August 1, 2017

Xbox Games with Gold has always been a mixed bag, and we have no right to complain about our free games. This month though for absolutely zero of your hard-earned dollars you are getting a gift. A gift that you must be at least mildly insane not to pick up. It has witches and guns. Just knowing that should be enough to sell you on it, but if you need even more convincing then I’m glad to tell you this game still holds up and demands an immediate play if you haven’t done so yet.

If you played Devil May Cry (DMC) back in the day then you have a good idea of what to expect. If you haven’t then the best way I can describe it is stylistic gunplay, over the top violence with good graphics, and great gameplay mostly composed of action sequences insane situations.

What sets Bayonetta apart from DMC is the main character is a woman and A WHOLE LOT OF WOMAN at that too!  I would be surprised if they even would think about starting a new franchise IP based on what Bayonetta is built on in this day and age (and btw it did get a Wii U exclusive sequel). The game is not shy in throwing leg’s, breasts, guns, hair, more legs, and heels with guns for the stems at you. It’s gaudy, over the top action really doesn’t get enough attention because of the huge focus on the sexuality of the character.

From the outset, you are introduced to your Joe Pesci- like partner Enzo and the game isn’t shy in the language department either. You learn you’re a witch stuck between the war between Heaven and Hell suffering from memory loss. The story unfolds through you meeting people along that way that help you piece together your past. No spoilers here but you’re a witch and you kick butt. Add in the usual deception and twists and turns, and you know what to expect from the formula.

You can not forget to mention the graphics. For a game that game out in 2009 it still looks pretty good as explosions and huge enemies and bosses fill the screen for ridiculous fights with demons and angels. The backgrounds look a bit dated but they are still huge set pieces for the epic battles you encounter. Bayonetta still animates well and the action is fast and fluid. Of course, you have mentioned then dominatrix like moves and combos you can perform on enemies with a simple combo system that at first feels like a button masher. Put some time into it though and you’ll be rewarded with even more crazy screen filling moves and extensions of your hair. Your entire clothing is made up of your hair which can transform and shapeshift into weapons like a giant heel or fist to take out your enemies as you extend combos. Also, as you learn the combo system you build up attacks that can lead you to throw people into iron maidens or into a torture rack. The game doesn’t shy away from its sexuality as much as it rubs it in your face.

The game could have been a dud if the gameplay wasn’t outstanding. Luckily, it is very fun to play still 8 years later. Well worth more than the zero dollars it will cost you to check this out.