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Sadly, GameZone.com is no more…

by on February 14, 2018

It’s with a deep sadness that I write to you all today to say that Gamezone.com, a site that I have partnered with, podcasted with and written for, is shutting down. They are more or less sunsetting the site after firing their Editor in Chief, Tatiana Morris. Some of you listeners of the podcast will know Tatiana, she’s been on a few episodes of the show.

No specific reasons were given, at least to us, the writers, but as it stands now, fellow writers Steve Knauer, Dan Miller, Tom Caswell, Pierre Astudillo and fellow guest of the cast, Cade Onder, are no longer writing for the site.

I’ve offered the writers of GameZone (those listed above) the opportunity to write for The Frak, we just can’t afford to pay them, but at least the site is up and gives them the opportunity to have published work on the web. We could, in turn, pay them if the site were to grow its audience and make more ad review. Even donations would help.

If you’d be interested in donating to the site, even as little as a dollar a month, let us know and we can set something up. 

In closing, you’re going to see a bunch of posts from me here soon, as I’ll be copying some of my hard work from them, to here.

If you’d like to follow the team at GameZone, their Twitter accounts are below.

Tatiana Morris – @OmiTat1
Cade Onder – @Cade_Onder
Daniel R. Miller – @TheDanWhoWrites
Steve Knauer – @ActuallyAkiba

And of course, myself Mike Wewerka at my new Twitter handle, @HitSquare