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Ron Howard to finish making Han Solo: A Star Wars Story film

by on June 22, 2017

Yup, Opie is taking the reins of the upcoming Han Solo … solo film.

Yesterday, it was made public that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (both from the Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street) had left the Star Wars Story film, citing the typical “Creative Differences.” In this instance, both men claimed that while that is typical PR spin, in this case, that was actually the truth.

Apparently, Lord and Miller could not agree with writer Lawrence Kasdan, the writer of Empire Strikes Back and co-wrote The Force Awakens with JJ Abrams. I guess LucasFilm decided to side with Kasdan, who it appears has more clout with the House of Mouse, than two guys known for making buddy comedies.

So, Ron Howard, the director behind such amazing films like Apollo 13, The Da Vinci Code, a Beautiful Mind and The Dilemma (that last one is a joke), will take the helm of the second film in what is being titled “Star Wars Stories.” Here’s the problem, this film was within weeks of being finished. It’s been in productions for months and now a new director, who has never even seen the script, met the cast, built any report with them, is coming in to finish up the last half of the film. WHAT?!?

I know what you’re thinking, but Mike, Joss Whedon is doing the same thing for Justice League how can you support that? Simply and I’ll explain why…

1.) Whedon knows comic books, he knows the characters and even Geoff Johns, head of DC Films has said that when Whedon came into the office and saw the timeline and projects associated with the DCEU, he got all excited for Batgirl, which is his next film. Whedon is a nerd and knows this stuff inside and out.

2.) Whedon is not finishing 1/3 of a film, that was shot without him. Lord and Miller basically did 2/3 of this Han Solo film and then bailed out because of their “conflict. Zack Snyder didn’t leave Justice League over creative differences (i.e. problems on set or with the studio’s expectations), he left because of the tragic circumstances around his daughters unfortunate death. Plus, principal photography was done. Whedon is only filming a few re-shoots, which is standard and is doing the final editing of the film. I’m sure if Whedon picked up the phone, he could call Snyder and get his feelings on how he’d like things to progress.

3.) The Snyders (Zack and his wife) are still attached to Justice League as producers, Lord and Miller are not, in any way, attached to Han Solo anymore.

4.) Whedon has experience with assemble hero films, he knows how to take the reins, if needed, and make the film work. It’s not out of his wheel house. Howard, who is a great filmmakers, has only dabbled in space with a real, non-ficture, story of Apollo 13. A Star Wars flick, that has other people pulling the strings, could be a risky move for him. Not to mention someone of his clout, taking on someone else’s film.

So there, there are my reasons. While I enjoy Howard and his films, I just don’t know that this is a good chair for anyone to fill, not just specifically him, in any event, with a movie being this far from the end and having a change in the driver seat, it only spells more trouble.

We heard rumblings of issues on the set of Rogue One, with a new director coming in to patch the script and take over re-shoots, we’ve heard LucasFilm and Disney can be difficult to work with (for), as shown by the departure of Josh Trank and his Star Wars film, rumored to have been about Boba Fett, and now this… it seems that not all is rosey when working with a universe that is so tightly controlled by corporate stooges.

I hope Howard can save the film, but also, did we really need a Han Solo film to begin with?