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Prison Break the Return- Season 5 premiere: Ogygia

by on April 10, 2017

Wentworth Miller/Michael Scofield & Dominick Purcell/Lincoln Burrows, unexpectedly return after 8 years for Prison Break (technically season 5) the sequel. This appears to be a one-shot 9 episode run which should be all wrapped up by this May. Whaaat!? You are probably thinking, “How the hell are they back if Michael died at the ending of season 4?” This is pretty much the same feeling I felt when I first heard that this was returning. The original series did run its course, and although it was a pretty great series overall, it was a few episodes past its expiration date. There is only so much escaping from prison and running the FOX RIVER crew could do so, full closure with original series even though they did kill off Michael’s’ character (HOODWINKED!!!)

Quite possibly….Bah! Who am I kidding, no doubt the need to see more of these two guys was undoubtedly spurred from their spot on interpretations of The Flash’s classic rogue characters, Captain Cold and Heat-Wave on CW’s The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow. These two actors together on screen are just great, whether it’s the brothers from Fox River on the run or giving Central City’s heroes a run for their money. The chemistry of these two guys is great and is expected to be as dynamic again for this show, just with a sense the tables being turned.

The premise or story arc which has been lightly revealed in this one episode is that Michael is indeed alive after 8 years and a mystery package arrives containing a photo showing him in a prison called the Ogygia, all conveniently located in the family fun vacation destination country of Yemen (this is sarcasm folks, you never want to vacation in Yemen!). Lincoln gets “oddly and inexplicably” reacquainted with some of the old Fox River crew to unravel the mystery of Michael being alive, locked up, and yada-yada, so on and so forth.

What worked:

Lincoln Burrows – This guy’s life has apparently been a wreck since his bro’s passing (so much so, they ignore the fact Link had a family of his own). Heat-Wave does a superb job of conveying that deep emotional loss and then the nothing can stop me now attitude when he does start his mystery mission to find Capt…..Michael.

Sucre/Amaury Nolasco – Not to much happened when Sucre shows up in this episode. Why he worked so well when he returned though is due to the way his loyalty to Mike and Link has not been diminished; he is jacked up and ready to help even if it did appear to be right out of thin air….hmmmm.

Michael Scofield – They did wait all the way until the end of the episode to fully reveal a truly alive Mike, but unfortunately a “never seen these guys (Link and C-Note) before,” brief interaction before returning to his cell. A very interesting and sure to be a clue on the plan for Prison Break is that Michael does appear to be sporting new tattoos, specifically on his hand in which he “obviously” was trying to display for them to see upon leaving.

What did not work so well:

Sara Tancredi/Sarah Wayne Callies – While I like this lady as a actress and loved her in the original series but it’s only been 8 years since the passing of her husband and the father of her child so you had damn well be a widow like you’re supposed to be or forgivable, so be a damn lesbian but her remarrying some dude and not really “emotionally flipping” when news was brought to her that Michael might be alive? BUULLLLSH*******T! She better have a real good reason why she went this UN-LOYAL route, seriously!

*Side note – When the assassins show up to take out Sarah and shoot for injury vs kill on her new husband, did not make any damn sense, he saw your face and all, soooo, let’s just leave the witness alive?

Lincoln – Being in trouble again and making some real bad financial decisions. It’s crazy to think that after comparing the two big characters that we know and love that Dominick plays; Heat-Wave is apparently the better decision maker for between the being over 100K in debt to pistol wielding GTA-thugs, the willingness to give up your passport in a foreign land like Yemen, of all frigging places, is just unfathomable. That happens of course after he re-unites with Fox River’s inmate of the century and does not feel compelled to destroy this dude or question how the hell he got out of prison!

Theodore T-Bag Bagwell/ Robert Knepper – Holy crapola! Is this guy cast as the bad guy for everything or what!? Well when it comes to bad guys you can’t knock this guy cause he generally nails the roles he gets and falls right back into that dude you hate but always seems to serve his purpose (although SUPER UNCLEAR as to what just yet). By the end of this episode T-Bag gets a brand new Agent Coulson style cybernetic arm courtesy of an anonymous donor that went by the name of Nobody. My guess? It’s Michael who made this happen. I do not understand why T-Bag is even out of prison, no less an essential part to unravel the mystery of Michael’s resurrection.

A couple of other people new and old (C-Note/ Rockmund Dunbar) are present, but is either to insignificant to discuss or just too damn convenient to accelerate the story line and re-union so I will reserve judgement on that stuff for future reviews.

Overall, if you can suspend the disbelief behind some of the main players actions, decisions, and the storywriters obvious plot holes and you just love a conspiracy filled story that is sure to be full of action, heartbreak, betrayal, and more! It seems to be a pretty sure bet for all of this and more on the return season of Prison Break.


A very unexpected and welcomed return for the brothers. With a shortened season and only 8 episodes remaining it should be a very fast paced and an exciting ride!