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Podcast: The Frak Show – Episode 38 – A Thirty Hour Tutorial

by on July 28, 2017

Mike and J welcome back Tatiana and Cade from Gamezone.com to talk about what their playing this week, discuss game news and movies from GameZone.com.

Game News:
The group talks about Doomfist arriving in Overwatch, The summer event “allegedly” coming to Overwatch on August 2nd, The Switch sells 5 million units, THQ Nordic teases two new games for GamesCom, Unreal’s Fortnite gets released in Early Access and Take-Take teases a HUGH game for 2019.

Movie News:
Mike, J and Cade talk about Wonder Women 2 getting green lit and receiving a release date, Justice League receiving $25 million in re-shoots with Joss Whedon at the helm and Zack Snyder may possibly step away from the DCEU to better take care of his family and decide his next step and finally, Daniel Craig is confirmed for Jame Bond 25.

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If you love video games and want up-to-date news, check out www.GameZone.com

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