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Podcast: Matter of Frak Episode 4 – Homage Blender

by on September 21, 2017







In this Episode, J is joined by Tom as we cover all sorts of different topics…a blender if you will full of Frak and of course-homage.

  • Post-Hurricane Irma leads to an unfortunate reveal of the end of times
  • Planet X aka Nibiru is going to give it all of us.
  • Full spoiler review of Stephen King’s remake of ‘IT’ 
  • Star Wars report- only 85% accurate!
  • TMNT– yeah I have no idea why either…
  • The Random List returns- controversial scenes cut from big movies, movies not to take a kid too, and harsh words for the  source of the list.
  • celebrity guest calls in!!! unbelievable!

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