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Podcast: Episode 40 – Lawbreakers, Fortnite Controversy, and Loot Boxes in Middle Earth

by on August 11, 2017

Episode 40 of the Frak Podcast is live. Mike Wewerka (also a freelance writer for Gamezone) and Jsun welcome back Cade Onder and Tatiana Morris from Gamezone.com, to talk about some of the top stories covered at Gamezone, such as:

  • Valve announces a collectible card game based on DOTA 2 called, Artifact
  • Gearbox Software, creators of Borderlands and Brothers in Arms, has teased a new  game IP currently codenamed Project 1v1
  • Brawlout, a Smash Bros-like game currently on Steam in Early Access, is coming to the Nintendo Switch (and Xbox One and PS4) with Hyper Light Drifter as a playable character
  • Battlefield 1 gets specializations for existing classes and is added to EA Access/Origins Access

After the headline news, Mike, Jsun, Cade and Tatiana get into detail on other topics, such as:

  • Loot crates will be available for purcahse with real-world money in Warner Bros.’ iMiddle Earth: Shadow of War … is it smart for a single player game to offer such content?
  • Cliff Bleszinski’s Lawbreakers is out, we talk about whether or not it’s next best thing in the world of First-Person Shooters?
  • Overwatch’s Summer Event kicked off and introduces new skins and the group is split over the implementation of Lucio Ball, does it need more characters, options or settings?
  • And finally, Unreal’s long-in-development and still in Early Access game, Fortnite, is physically on sale at places like Target for $40, the group discusses if that’s a low move for a game that will be free-to-play next year.

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