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Pay Day 2 coming to Nintendo Switch in 2017

by on April 13, 2017

Nintendo is doing so much right with the Switch, and yet, so much, so wrong, at the same time. It’s like watching two people in a canoe, each paddling the opposite way. In this case, the guy upfront is lining up great first party games, staggering them throughout the year instead of leaving dry spells for months on end. He’s also the guy going out there and getting awesome indie games, sorry Nindies?!? Games like StarDew Valley, Steamworld Dig 2, and RIME just to name a few.

The guy in the back is the guy who says, “Hey, I got an idea, let’s get big games like Skyrim, NeoGeo Titles, Blaster Master Zero, Lego City, you know, games that are old and have been out for years. It shows we are getting awesome 3rd party support!” He must have been the same guy who said, “Hey, fans want a first-person shooter, let’s give them a first-person shooter. PayDay 2! How’s that!”

The guy on the front says, “Jesus, Jerry, that game is 4 years old.”

To which Jerry replied, “So what? Skyrim is over 6 years old, we got that too!”

Tim, the guy up front, said, “I know that, Jerry, we don’t need old shit to sell our new system, that’s what hurt out last console.”

To which Jerry replied, “Fuck off Tim.”

So with that being said, PayDay 2 is coming to the Switch this year (2017) and will most likely launch around the time that Nintendo’s online system launches, so that players can play some cops and robbers online with their friends. This is a big move for Nintendo, as PayDay 2, while not as graphic and adult as something like GTA, it is a more mature title than just about everything else on the Switch.

While the game is old, it’s exciting to see this type of game that will finally be playable on the go AND it’s great step forward for Nintendo by embracing more adult-oriented games.

So while all we know is that the game will release in 2017, we also know more info will probably come to light come June at E3.

Also, just an FYI, if anyone has seen or heard from Tim, please let his wife know. He hasn’t come home from a recent canoeing trip he took with his friend Jerry from Nintendo’s content strategies department. Thanks.