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Overwatch Twitter account teases big announcement for April 11th

by on April 3, 2017

It’s only been a few weeks (like two) since Blizzard gave Overwatch players its newest character, the tank Orisa, but it looks like we may be in store for something else, BIG, very soon. The official Overwatch Twitter handle (@PlayOverwatch) posted to their account the following video.


As you can imagine, die hard fans and puzzle solvers are already digging into the twitter/image to see what clues they can uncover. While that may sound ridiculous, with some companies, it would be, but not Blizzard. Blizz loves to give their fans a little treasure hunt. You can visit the Overwatch Sub Reddit to see where players currently stand and see if they’ve discovered anything good or if it’s just a bunch of crazy fan theories.

Personally, I hope that this is the event that Widowmaker fans get their due, seeing how we see mention of the Kings Row map, the same map that saw Windowmaker kill the Omnic Mondatta, this could very well tie into that lore and flesh out the rivalry between Tracer and Widowmaker. Either way, I’ve been saying on the podcast, Widow is in desperate need of some new skins.

Fingers crossed.

Source: Blizzard’s @PlayOverwatch