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Netflix- Gerald’s Game

by on October 2, 2017

What a strange year 2017 has been. In directly relating to the entertainment world we have now seen the release of 3 Stephen King book to screen adaptations. One would think that a pretty smart guy like myself would of figured out by now that there has yet to be movie of his that I have watched and been happy about. Why would I think that a movie whose main premise revolves around Carla Gugino handcuffed to bed would be any different?

I know some of you may think, hey this might be a easy Netflix & Chill type of movie.  Well, NOPE! Not this one.  Any sort of sexy thrills are gone within 15 mins of film starting and about 5 minutes after the deed was supposed to start. The main arc of the story is that Carla’s (Jessie) husband (Gerald) has a heart attack from popping Viagra and dies shortly after a very questionable foreplay role-play then death scene. Jessie is left handcuffed to the bed post with the key way out of reach.

In typical sh** rolls down hill fashion; they are miles away from anyone,left the front door open, and a stray starving dog comes in to pay a visit. I am not going to give away anymore plot points but suffice to say this is a very messed up situation for anyone to be in. A believable scenario that immediately created a terrible sense of anxiety and “OMG what is she going to do next?” moments. The depiction of what one may see on deaths door, and what may come in the dark of the night was also terrifying (especially the box of rings), all the way up until what should of been the end.

All of a sudden this additional story thread was tacked on, right at the end which completely sabotaged all that I had watched. All of any good was destroyed by this “unexpected development”. It was complete bullshit! It also made me question so many other plot points or loose ends because of this epic failure of a unnecessary swerve.

Im done with this guy. I don’t get how he keeps getting movie/tv studios to fall for his crap anymore. If that is how it ended in the book, then you idiots should of rewrote it! Someone changed “IT” and look how well that did. Kudos, to Carla Gugino for selling it all but it was far from being enough to save this train wreck.

Either way, Fuck Stephen King and the hell donkey he road in on. I would recommend the hard pass on this one guys.