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More Call of Duty WWII images leak

by on April 14, 2017

A few weeks ago, leaked artwork for Activision’s newest Call of Duty title, rumored to be WWII, by Sledgehammer Games made its way online via several “leakers.” See the header image as one example. We also saw posters, steelbook boxes, with several different box art variations. Like this one below:

But as we get closer to an official unveiling, which typically happens every year around the end of April or the beginning of May, we knew more leaks would make their way online. This time, we had a few images surface via a French user on Instagram, however the images were taken down after less than two minutes. But, thanks to keen eyes, the images were snagged and shared. So here they are below:

The first two appear to be the same image, from different angles and one is in black and white.The last image above, shows above shows off the same box art from early, but you’ll noticed that it has marketing language around it. While it’s too small to read (and see), there are images below with some very fine text. I wish we could get clearer versions of this, but it is, what it is. The words at the top appear to be “Stronghold Steelbook Explo.” This may be nothing, but a while ago, Stronghold was rumored to be the codename for this project, before an official name was even whispered. In this case, it appears as though rumors may be right, in that those steelbook variations (like 3 or 4 of them) may be different levels of collector’s editions. Perhaps Stronghold Steelbook Explosive Edition is the full name?? Who knows?

One thing is certain, the announcement is drawing nearer and at this point it’s about 99.9% certain that WWII is the official name and setting for this game. Unless Activision is pulling off the greatest troll maneuver the world has ever seen. Which if that is true, awesome, hats off Acti!

What do you all think? Is WWII the setting? Are you excited to return to the beaches of Normandy?