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Matter of Frak Episode 3- Raging Elephants

by on September 6, 2017

Join, J and Mike as they welcome GameZone’s own Cade Onder for a MoF debut.

In this episode, we cover a plethora of topics and some of those lead to some fairly heated discussion and debates throughout the show. Some of the items covered are as follows:

  • DCEU and the woes of Batman, the misfortune of Superman, and the fury of the Mantis Shrimp
  • Mantis Shrimp (WTF)
  • Trials and tribulations of the Han Solo film
  • Shark with Tourettes’
  • Game of Thrones– the white-walkers did {what!}, when the wall came down?!
  • Netflix Defenders– did this show deliver and bring back the successes and excitement of the TV side of MCU?
  • The line in the sand has been drawn, shots have been fired- Breaking Galactica coming soon.

All samples and sounds used with the upmost respect and fandom, and yes I own every last bit of it all. If that is not good enough then please send all cease and desist letters to the frakpodcast@gmail.com, Attention – I HATE MIKE.

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