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Matter of Frak Episode #1- Matters of the Frak

by on August 16, 2017

The Frak presents to you…Matter of Frak.

You want games…we got you covered on TheFrak cast, you want all of that other pop culture and entertainment news and such…we got your back there too.

Welcome to Matter of Frak.

On this first episode of The Frak’s first spin-off cast- Matter of Frak, join Jsun & Tom this as they are joined by Eerie Florida’s own- Mark Muncy and Kari Schultz.

During this show we cover a variety of topics across the entertainment spectrum that are non-game related such as;

FIRST HALF:  Star Wars- We discuss a special warning from Luke Skywalker himself about the impending film The Last Jedi, Aqua-man filming woes, Justice League’s reshoots and the future of DCEU, Stephen King’s- The Dark Tower and IT, Thor Ragnarok, and the highly anticipated and long awaited debut of Netflix’s- The Defenders.



On the back half of the show we crack open the pages of Eerie Florida, a new book releasing on Sept. 4th, that chronicles all of the strange, unexplained, supernatural, and in a few cases down right hysterical weirdness and unbelievable believability that exist in this CRAZY state that we call home-Florida.

Some of the stories that we discuss are; The Toads of Longwood, The CinderLady of St.Pete, St. Augustine Ghost tours and then some of the dark stories of the Dozier House of Tallahassee, Bellamy bridge, and the one story, tale that when it is told again you would be very wise to speak his name with the upmost respect- Robert the Doll; the inspiration behind great family classics like Childs Play-Chucky and the monster that is Annabelle.

If you currently live here (Florida), or have lived or vacationed, then you should at this point be aware that some strange stuff goes down and around this lovely state of ours. If you are not convinced then go talk a grandparent and I’m sure they would agree…some things are not to be taken lightly.

A LITTLE SIDE NOTE HERE-Mark graciously sent the Frak a variety of pictures to share with the audience and one of those pics are of Robert the Doll. I most respectfully decline this opportunity to display his picture…while he is quite the handsome and very- very cool phenom of a creation…I just can’t take the chance of having any bad mojo or wondering if we in some fashion may have not met Robert’s approval. It is not out of disrespect to not display his picture…It is in fact, in all interests of Safety and Respect.

And then there are the Gnomes.…quite possibly one of the funniest tales I have ever heard yet is backed up by documented facts…this had me in tears folks.

We greatly appreciate Mark and Eerie Florida for coming on the Frak and sharing some of these great stories.

The following photos are courtesy of Eerie Florida



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