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Matter of Frak Episode 8- Thor Ragnarok recap (Fraknarok)

by on November 16, 2017

It has finally arrived after what has seemed like a eternity. The Asgardian Apocalypse-Ragnarok has begun. The 9 realms of Marvel will never be the same again. This movie was jam packed full of action, excitement, humor, and of course, disappointment. What possibly could be disappointing in a film that had Thor versus the Hulk and the debut of quite possibly the best Marvel villain to date; in Hela Goddess of Death. We were also introduced to a bunch of great new characters but unfortunately and unexpectedly had to say goodbye to a couple of big names before it was all said and done.

Joining us on this episode are Frak-favorites, Marcus and back from the Burro-Riding World Championships is Freddy. This is one big spoiler fest of a podcast folks that will have you laughing so hard you may soil yourself. We cover it all and then some, it is definitely a NSFW affair.