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Matter of Frak Episode 5- The mega con before MegaCon

by on September 30, 2017







Well, surprise folks! Planet X aka Nibiru aka a whole bunch of BS did not hit us……can you believe it!?

We rolled the dice and didn’t quit our jobs or empty the banks…at least not just yet. We did though cut a Judgment Day style podcast & welcome back after a long absence Joe, from Project Pixel Art and for the first time Cory, from Colorado!

Some of the stuff covered on this episode

  • Failed prophecies and predictions, some of the best of the worst
  • Terminator franchise news
  • Star Wars report
  • Wonder Woman news- just vote Yes
  • Supernatural- the “best series on network Tv”
  • Tampa Bay MegaCon Sept 29-Oct 1st
  • googol or to most people- ten duotrigintillion
  • pop shots- this week-Bitcoin and Firefly

Of course for some strange reason the people that still have their job are the conspiracy theorists who say we have until now I guess its October.

Sweet right in time for Halloween! Maybe a blood moon with some horsemen of the apocalypse sprinkled in!!! Enjoy!

Art work provided by- Cover T2= Marcus1art (Instagram) & insert Arnold= ProjectPixelArt (Facebook)