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Matter of Frak Ep.10- 60 Billion dollars!

by on December 12, 2017

Welcome back! We got you a cosmic serving of awesome on this one as we are joined by Frak alumni Marcus & Freddy.


  • On this episode we cover the following
  • Net Neutrality w/words from the Flying Dutchman-2:15
  • Ryan Reynolds new side gig
  • Disney & Fox’s 60 Billion dollar deal that is in the works-10:26
  • Who we would like to see rejoin the MCU the most-12:40
  • Rampage & Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer impressions-19:05
  • Infinity War reactions & death picks-25:33
  • Netflix Punisher Epic season debut-48:10
  • A quick lesson on professional conduct behaviors and sexual harassment reminders for the workplace/society-01:25
  • As always, thanks for listening! Please give the pages a follow to stay up to date with new content!