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Mass Effect Andromeda Patch 1.05 is Live, Fixes Eyes and facial animations

by on April 6, 2017

As promised the dev team at BioWare have pushed out their update for Mass Effect Andromeda, patch 1.05, which includes a slew of new fixes, that we focused on here, but most importantly it address facial animations and characters eyes, mainly with Asari and Humans. The image below shows a before and after and the results, while still not as good as something like Uncharted or even Tomb Raider, are still very much improved.

BioWare says that within 2 months, we should get another update that address hair and face textures, which when combined with this new patch, should help bring the game up-to-par. The eyes definitely look less fake and dead, but their animations still seems like they are drunk and staring off into the middle ground instead of looking at their target during conversation. Either way, this is still a move in the right direction.