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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite- The Marvel Side

by on October 1, 2017

Dude, this game kinda sucks yet still kinda rocks. This should be the slogan or marketing campaign for this most recent version of Marvel vs Capcom dubbed the Infinite, version which released to a few weeks with a lackluster pop and fizzle….surprisingly yet not surprisingly; this is Capcom…we should know how they do.

This franchise has been around since 1996 [Xmen vs Streetfighter the Arcade game] and I bet that release is longer then some of you have even been alive. Capcom the company and Streetfighter have been doing it since 1987…so some of the stuff in this game like; naming it “Infinite”, the end all be all. I would hope using a title like that; whether it be you trying to be obvious and borrow some from the Infinity Gauntlet comic story line (which you did)  and unless you have been living in a cave that same item-(IG) has said movie coming out in less then a year from the release of this game and very similar to more then 75% of the marvel cinematic releases of this past decade; it intends to really elevate the Marvel name, properties, and in many different characters [popularity] then catapult the whole genre forward to make anyone who dare make another HERO movie again had really re-evaluate or re-consider their other options with filmmaking. This game definitely did not try and do that here.

Lets be honest the Marvel vs Capcom franchise has been the most sought after level of awesomeness for video game franchise and mash ups! In a fighting game no less! Lets not get me wrong here at all….I love great fighting games, and I have played a healthy amount…I am a fan of awesome, innovation, and ease of pick up-n-play yet with a mass of depth of strategy involved if you learn to play and invest time. It is probably why Streetfighter 4 still has legs and such a dedicated fanbase even with its over years worth of issues…if you spend the time, there is a ton to offer.

What could of been??? Well let me tell you…

“NO MORE MUTANTS!”…I mean nobody mutant or even InHuman, really? (I hear they all are looking for new jobs!) We couldn’t of got a throw back X-men villain like a marauder, or Mojo, X-force maybe; Shatterstar or Feral, how about X-23, WOW!  If only she would of been like a popular character or even ever was showcased in a movie or something! I bet people would of loved that!? You could of thrown us a X-chump from the X-Academy or Hellfire Club? Where the hell is a Deadpool (any of the pools!) or NegaSonic T. Warhead? Fantomex? Anyone? Mr. Sinister….Mystique! Lady DeathStrike!! Capcom, you should get out a box-O-Shame?! As you saw in the first few paragraphs there are a gazillion X-related characters that coulda, shoulda been in this game no less the mass amount of other Marvel/Avenger selections that would of made this game truly stand out aside from all of its predecessors  and any competition out this year. If you really start to NERD-Break this down, Capcom did not even really take the time to make magic happen with existing “TEAMS” to connect to more popular active players in the MCCU or actual comic-book world; where are the Defenders, or the Punisher? They even botched the Guardians with this one.

Enough of that though, lets talk the current roster:

  • Captain America- old steady cap! Easily the Ryu of the Marvel side…just much much cooler!
  • Captain Marvel- my favorite Avenger; I eagerly anticipate this characters cinematic debut. One of the all around better characters to play within this game…
  • Dr. Strange- “By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth”, where else can I say that?
  • Dormammu- I am a BEAST with this guy!
  • Gamora- where is Starlord? Very cool character but how about Nebula call- ins?
  • Ghost Rider- did you know that there are quite a bit of different Ghost riders and not all flames are yellow? Capcom didn’t either.
  • Hulk-mabye some Sakaar gear for a Thor tie-in, maybe Old Man Logan hulk? Where is She Hulk? Hulkling?
  • Iron Man- nothing overly special here, no new Iron Man (no RiRi, no Pepper, is there a hulk buster?)
  • Nova- meh…
  • Rocket Racoon with a completely unplayable Groot!- I know I can call in Groot for attacks but pretty cheap here…not that Rocket overall is not a fun character but a mis use of entire GOTG roster.
  • Spidey- after such a stellar comeback in the movies and shocking turns of events in Civil War 2 comic this is the spider-man we get (where is Miles? where is the Spidey villain?
  • Thanos-granted I have not spent a ton of time with him…but what is the point if I can’t have all of the stones in my gauntlet?
  • Thor-why not give us the Jane Foster version? Or the Thor-Odin old looking grizzled Thor…this one is pretty boring, and no Ragnarok tie ins…jeez.
  • Ultron-double meh! Where is the Vision to match?

Black Panther, Venom, Winter Soldier and Black Widow via character pass. There were two other Capcom guys included, but IDGAF- that roster is for suckers! Another wasted opportunity with a immense library of titles and of amazing characters…and this is what they brought to the table!? For shame…a really pretty uninteresting bunch of characters that you dare call new and even worse put into a game where after about a hour my choices in characters were at a level of somewhere between, “not giving a F*** anymore & why am I not playing Overwatch!” 






The fighting mechanics of the game are expectedly solid…but nothing to revolutionary new, except with the Infinity Stones which may not be for everyone. As a casual gamer and massive smack talker during a fight, I must say I really appreciate the Soul Stone for the cheap resurrection. I feel like there is more shock and awe moments with Street Fighter V but some really cool specials to pull off especially if paired with the right team mate.

Also, it would definitely band-aided the other glaring issues this game has such as; a really inconsistent art-design around its characters, specifically the head to body ratios are wack, even some of the group shots with different poses some of the massive oddities just really stick out in rather strange fashion. I don’t know if some of you art kids want to fact check me, art critique or defend the artistic approach taken by Capcom on this one…but it just is a mess. I dare say the predecessors were better looking at a better mix of characters and that was quite some time ago! Even the level design/backgrounds are super lazy and uninteresting. If you take in to consideration the quality of say a Marvel graphic novel or even quality fighting games like the recently released Tekken(s) of past few years or old classics like Soul Caliber then you should of quite simply done better. You have not elevated the fighting genre in any fashion…it is just a lazy offering that took way to long to get here.  I can’t imagine with the bank account and street credientials Capcom has that this game could not of been great and it deserved better…it should of had more.

Kudos to whoever fan made this. Does a character select screen like this not arouse you?

Yeah yeah yea, my intent is not to  trash this game…believe it or not I do have some positives to say. It is unfortunate that it won’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. So let me just get to the point. The real draw that some people (such as myself) truly look for in a game.

Is it fun? Yes, it is. If you have some buddies come over and people like to talk some smack. This game is for you.

Is this game worth $59.99 or should I wait until the X-mas sales? No and yes! There are to many other great time consuming games out there that offer much more bang for your buck. Destiny 2, Tekken 7, Marvel vs Capcom Ultimate 3 (heh heh). I do believe this game needs to be dropped to at least $39.99 and give it maybe a weekend during holidays for $29.99, make your money back by dropping some skins!!!

Will this game have any legs? Only if they support it with a mass amount of characters and if they are smart they start cross promoting with the movies!! Take a page from some of the other greats and create public events around say Ragnarok, Black Panther, and end it all when Infinity War launches next year. I as well as many other Capcom appreciators can tolerate the woes with the art style you mucked this game up with but if you can support this smartly then I would keep in rotation.

Overall score = C-meh