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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – The Capcom side

by on October 1, 2017

“Where’s Akuma?” That was my initial reaction to hearing about Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. So far, I’m enjoying it and not listening to the thousands of people complaining about the graphics or the complete lack of anything in the “Fox Movie” Marvel Universe. Jsun’s got you covered on all those “comic book” characters sides, that as far as I’m concerned, aren’t as cool as Batman. On the Capcom side of things, we got an odd selection considering fan favorites from the last game.

  • Arthur- Ghosts N’ Goblins knight we all know and love. Also known to fight in his underpants.
  • Chris Redfield- The upcoming star of Resident Evil 7’s “Not A Hero” DLC. Also, was in Resident Evil 1, Code: Veronica, and is a fan of Double Quarter Pounder Meal from McDonalds. Coke to drink
  • Chun-Li- Old Thunder Thighs herself whose appearance earlier on caused fans to take to the sacred internet to whine and complain about how she looked. “Beauty is on the inside you say?” That’s just something ugly people say to try to defend how mind-bendingly ugly Chun- Li looked earlier.
  • Dante- Star of the Devil May Cry series that is pretty crazy with all the guns in this game
  • Firebrand- Another character from Ghosts N Goblins. Really? Two characters from a game that hasn’t had a sequel in years?
  • Frank West- From the Dead Rising zombie killer games. Goofy but fun character that throws zombie at you and cracks, a bat over you Pesci-style.
  • Jedah Dohma- Here we go…. Jedah is from Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers 3). A popular Capcom fighter from the 90’s that I would be stunned if they tried to make another game in this series.
  • Mega Man X- “X gonna give it to ya!” We finally get our “X-Series” Mega Man we’ve all wanted.
  • Mike Haggar- The Lovable Mayor in Final Fight who somehow has not crossed over in the Street Fighter Series.
  • Morrigan Aensland- One of the most hated characters in MVC3 due to her ability to spam fireballs all over the screen. The inspirational leader of all the Goth Girls back in the day.
  • Monster Hunter- DLC- Capcom’s current cash cow that is one of the few things they’ve done right lately.
  • Nemesis- Introduced in Resident Evil 3. Slow, lumbering character with big damage.
  • Nathan Spencer- Bionic Commando main character. “Get over here!” Arm grabs in full force
  • Ryu- If I have to explain who Ryu is, we aren’t friends.
  • Sigma- DLC- The Villain of the “X-Series” Mega Man.
  • Strider Hiryu- From a series of the same name started in the old arcade days.
  • Zero- Also from the “X-Series” and a fan favorite from the last game.

Interesting group for sure to pick from, but it sure feels like they missed some of my favorites over the years. Akuma and Phoenix Wright seem like two that should have been in there. Other than that, it’s a nice nostalgic look at Capcom’s history.

On the Marvel side of things, it’s a mess. As someone who has been on the Vs. Series since the Sega Saturn days, Not having Wolverine, Dr. Doom, Storm, or Magneto is unacceptable. Of course, a lot of this isn’t Capcom’s fault. I’m assuming most of it is on Marvel and Fox Movies current fight over their characters. It really sucks to not have these series mainstays and fan favorites. Maybe we will see a DLC Season 2 similar to Street Fighter 5. For now, though, it sucks and it’s a glaring omission.

The characters that did make the Marvel cut through are good enough, I suppose.  After this past weekend and watching SoCal Regionals Filipino Champ’s team of Dormammu and Ultron, I’m intrigued a bit more by those characters. Gamora is a nice addition as well to a mostly predictable roster minus the mutants.


There’s also the Infinity Stones mechanic introduced in this game. I don’t like it very much, to be honest. It feels like an addition just to be an addition. While it’s useful and fun to use, I can see once the high-level players get a hold of the exploits, it could break the game. It’s not awesomely overpowered or much of a game changer so far. It’s not X-Factor though from Marvel vs Capcom 3. Capcom is going to have to spend a lot of time balancing and patching once endless combos get discovered. Street Fighter X Tekken left a bad taste in a lot of gamers mouths with the crazy gem mechanics, and it doesn’t seem like Capcom learned their lesson. Time will tell though in the hands of the players if it’s a good feature or not. It’s not going to make you a top player automatically or anything, but it might help you beat people less experienced with the game.

The graphics, as I mentioned earlier while profiling Chun-Li, is a bit underwhelming. Not ugly by any sense, but just not the quality I think we all were expecting. Moves animate and move very quickly and in motion they look fine, but once you get a look at the characters up close it can be a bit of a letdown. Now, this is fixable (see King Of Fighters 14 post-release patch), but there has been no comment yet on it.

The main question is this game fun? Yes, for sure it is. Online is smooth from the few matches I’ve had. I’ve watched some high-level play of it this past weekend at SoCal Regionals and the game has depth. That part is undeniable, but for me, it’s hard to pick this over Street Fighter 5, Injustice 2, or Tekken 7. I think we are looking at another situation like Street Fighter 5 where the game is released but we aren’t going to know for another year if this game has the legs and fanfare that the previous installments had. Unless you just love The Avengers only side of Marvel or have been playing the series for years, I’d say wait on picking this one up until you can get it on sale. The $80  for the season pass version or $60  regular version is just too much for a game when you don’t know if it will be supported or not.


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