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Legends of Tomorrow- Season 2 Finale Spoiler filled review

by on April 7, 2017

So here it is, the season two finale of {L.O.T.}. It is somewhat fitting that one of the first reviews written for a CW show by the Frak, it is the one show that is probably ignored by the masses the most in the CW’ and DC comics third entry into their respective Arrowverse.

This show quite honestly, I expected to be cancelled already…. not because the first season wasn’t unexpectedly enjoyable or anything like that, quite simply, I just expected CW/DC to lose hope and/or faith in their product and pull the plug (like so many different shows have had happen before). Well very much like season one, I went into this season very skeptically for a few different reasons on top of what has been already mentioned.


Well, after the shake up to the LOT roster from season one where first they do us a huge favor and get rid of the Hawk-duo they muck that all up by deciding to kill off one of the best and biggest draws to the show in Wentworth Miller/Michael Scolfield’s version of Captain Cold. In my humble opinion (which is so rarely wrong) aside from his obvious rapport with Dominic Purcell/Lincoln Burrow’s take on Heatwave, he was just starting to really develop some great screen time scenes with Caity Lotz/ Sarah Lance and the rest of the crew. Why would they not use him in season two or are they going to downgrade him to probably a few episodes? (yes, the latter)

This season also brought us more B-grade (or less) characters that I didn’t care about, like Vixen & Citizen Steel, or “classic” characters like the J.S.A, who were gone before you could say, “who the hell is that?” I am still thinking that it is gonna get cancelled anyways before the end of the season, so no “real” urgency here. I let those episodes stack up!

The season as whole, was pretty fun. The Legends went everywhere and bumped into to all sorts of different people with quite a bit of surprises and easter eggs sprinkled throughout almost every episode. The season itself revolved around the Spear of Destiny which was being sought by the newly formed Legion of Doom, comprised of Eobard Thawn/Reverse Flash, Damien Darhk, & Malcolm Merlin. While this is not a review on the season, I would highly recommend it overall. The standout episodes revolve around lore that ranges from Star Wars through Lord of the Rings & travels to places like Camelot, the man on the moon mission, back even further in time to meet George Washington himself. It seemed no time period was off limits, save for the age of Christ almighty himself (hey, I can’t make this stuff up!).

This particular episode was all about the Legends breaking the cardinal rule of time travel, do not go back in time to where you are present. Does that make sense!? You basically can never run the risk of meeting yourself or time-quakes could rip up the fabric of all space time continuity or something like that… I really don’t know what the hell or how to explain time travel and rules of such!! The Flash has Fraked up timelines so much already (which he’s currently doing, again) that it is hard at times to quantify without bringing up all sorts of other questions. Well, they did (go back) in order to rewrite the reality the Legion had created; a reality that saw them go back to Central City where the likes of Felicity appeared to be the current timelined Canary (mask looked like it at least) and she gets her neck snapped like a twig by Damien Darhk. It was also the reality in which Vixen was masterfully killed by a back from the future past version of Captain Cold and the remaining Legends were kept in some sort of polar opposite if not trophy form of captivity in these times SO, it left them with little choice but to break the law…duh duh duuuhhnnn!!

So they do go back in time to the spot that they lost the spear to the Legion & hopefully re-correct the time line and thus erase that future timeline and themselves which reverts all of everything back to the original time line. At this point of the story there are now 2 sets of Legends on deck (sans one alternate timeline Vixen) and they are trying to avoid one another if not to create a complete destruction of all time and reality. Are you confused yet?

In this moment in the episode a future reverse flash is also traveling back to that timeline to warn the Legion and stop the Legends.
Ah! Who am I kidding, this is confusing, yet, fun as FRAK to watch it go down! You’ll be shocked! The death of every single future timelined Legend was great to watch, especially the first to fall in Ray Palmer as Reverse Flash ripped his still beating heart from his chest and chuckled with glee! Yup that happened!

This was overall a great episode that really made me appreciate what a gem CW/DC has with all of these great actors L.O.T. and the proverbial underdog hero angle. It is safe to say that nobody even 5 years ago would of though a show with a group of characters like White Canary, Fire Storm, a third of the Rogues, and Rip Hunter (this guy used to really suck! Kudos to Arthur Darvill for making this guy relevant again!)

So a super long and confusing story wrapped up; Reverse Flash brought every version of him to fight the fight before it boiled down to Sara Lance to make the “right” choice with the Spear of Destiny and re-write history back to the way it was supposed to (I guess) be. I got really nervous when Laurel Lance showed up (ultimately as her conscience I believe) thinking that CW was going to write her back into the Arrow-Verse way to soon and unnecessarily so (with original Laurel, not the Earth 3 version that is currently back in black and somewhere in Star City-Green Arrow jail (?) because I am all in on that version of a conflicted Canary with a new Canary on roster with Ollie and crew.

HAHAHAH how ridiculous does all of this sound…because it sure reads like INSANITY!

So, back on the Reverse Flash thing for a moment…why (especially) with all of those speedsters did R.Flash not just kill all of the remaining Legends via Kano-chest rip like he took out the Atom in literally a flash and not have some unexpected even more outlandish curve ball thrown at us and leave us with an absolute jaw-dropping finale that only maybe Barry’s soon to be re-re-write of yet another timeline reset the Legend’s too…I do not know, but that would’ve been much cooler then my only other real issue with the ending…….aside from Heatwave still not getting to Aruba for that beer and bikini babes like he wanted, the cliffhanger put us in Los Angeles 2017 with dinosaurs????

I don’t know about this, especially again since the Flash is gonna screw up things again….here is hoping!!

End of it all, the Legends, yes, saved the day and I am pretty confident I left out tons of stuff that would make all of what you have just read even more confusing, so…

Series MVP goes to Caity Lotz/Sara Lance who has really stepped up all of the above with this show and has come full circle as a character and now a leader of Legends (so much bigger than an Assassin of the League), and now where does she go from here? Well, hopefully we see a re-union of her and Nyssa in the future as well as a meeting of her and Earth 3 sis (as mentioned above).

Yeah, folks I get it…..time travel is a finicky thing to follow and embrace unless there is a Doc & Marty attached and we are accelerating to 88 MPH!!

Last bit of info, Captain Cold is back and in Men in Black style,”mind-wiped” for season 3!

Do yourself a favor and watch this series. Season 1 is available on Netflix now and season 2 sure to be out by the time 3 comes out!!