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Legendary Comedian Don Rickles has passed away at 90

by on April 7, 2017

While we at Go Frak Yourself are predominantly known for our video game coverage, our site and podcast also covers Movies, TV, and other topics, so it’s only fitting that we talk about the passing of Don Rickles, the greatest insult comic to walk this earth. Mr. Rickles passed away due to kidney failure, he was 90.

If you’re a millennial or younger you may not know him by name, but Rickles is a staple in the comedy world, he gained popularity during the era of “real” comedy roasts, like the Dean Martin Comedy Roasts, Rickles would go on stage and tear everyone, including the guest of honor, a new ass. He’d go so far with his jokes, but it didn’t matter, they were funny and nobody took it the wrong way. I highly suggest, if you haven’t seen him in a roast, to visit YouTube and search “Don Rickles Dean Martin Roasts,” you know what, screw it, I’ll post it one myself. Keep in mind when watching the video below, these type of jokes were made in the late 60s early 70s. Today, some of his jokes would be considered so racist, yet back then, nobody took offense, because they knew Don and he was a jokester.

Rickles, aside from being know from his roasts, was also the voice of Mr. Potato head from the 4 Toy Story movies. But he’s also known for some of his great dramatic roles, like his appearance in Martin Scorsese’s 1995 film, Casino. Rickles worked for over 60 years in the entertainment business and worked well into his 80s. In 2007, he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project, a documentary about the comic and actor directed by John Landis.

RIP Mr. Angry Eyes, you will be missed.