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Leaked Video – Overwatch Insurrection is the newest event, featuring new skins and Horde mode

by on April 10, 2017

Last week we reported that Blizzard was planning a new event for April 11th, we briefly spoke about it at the end of our last podcast. We were unsure exactly what Blizzard was planning, but now thanks to a leak by the French Playstation YouTube Channel, we know the name of the event is call “Insurrection.”

Insurrection looks to be yet another timed event, like the Halloween and Christmas and will run from April 11th to May 1st. This means all the new skins, will once again, be fucking expensive for the ones we want, aka Widowmaker’s first Legendary skin. As you can probably assume, they will surely cost 3000 coins. Sorry, not sorry, for the language. I’m tired of this awesome skins costing so much and the loot boxes just not delivering the goods, even when I pay for them.

While the video only showed a handful of costume skins, like Blackwatch Genji and McCree, to the skins we posted earlier today of Reinhardt (aka Hammer time), Mercy, Torbjorn and Tracer. But for me, I loved seeing the fair-skinned Widowmaker, before her heart slowed down so much, that she went blue.


The event will also bring in a new horde mode, with players (presumably 4) taking on hordes of Omnic robots in the board of Kings Row. It’s unclear if this board will position the players in once place, if it will force players to move and take points going all the way to the end while taking on hundreds of robots.

Assuming the trailer hasn’t been pulled, as most of them have been, you can watch it below. Just in case, we’ve taken screenshots and made them into a gallery for you. You Frakers are welcome!