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Leaked: Tiny images of what could be scenes from SledgeHammer Games Call of Duty WWII

by on April 24, 2017

Well, now that I’m back from my conference, I’m back at the keyboard and eagerly anticipating the announcement (in video form) of the newest Call of Duty game, WWII, from Sledgehammer Games. We’ve since gotten the official naming and promo images from Activision, which confirmed all those leaks that have been making their way around the internet. Speaking of leaks, it looks like two more “may” have popped up. I say may, because I’m not to sure about these screen shots, but I’ll post them for you, so you can be the judge.

Now, again, I’m not to sure if these are real, so I’ll save my “official” reaction until after Wednesday’s official game reveal. However, if these screens are in fact real, then I’m going to say say these are very disappointing in terms of graphic fidelity. To be frank, they look like shit. They look like screen grabs from a 360/PS3 game. I originally didn’t want a WWII game, as I thought they’d been done to death and would have preferred at Vietnam focused game, but when I thought about seeing WWII on next gen tech, after 10 year (since the last one), I thought, “Okay, I’d like to see that.” I was intrigued about seeing COD WWII in 4K on my PS4 Pro. But these images don’t give me a lot of faith that Sledgehammer is going to deliver, especially after seeing what Battlefield 1 delivered a before.

Now I know, some people may say, we don’t know if these are real or what console they are from or even how the pictures were taken, so let’s calm down. To that I say okay, BUT, assuming they are real… look at those plain as shit faces. The guy on the right looks like they just didn’t finish rendering him, the main guy looks like Josh Duhamel (aka Mr. Fergie), which may be the case, but his hand, the one holding the gun up, looks like a puppet hand.

Maybe Battlefield and the frostbite engine ruined me, when it comes to visuals, but man, Call of Duty needs to step it up. Infinite Warfare let a lot of us COD fans down. Infinity Ward was caught using the same engine and death animations it used in MW3, the game also looked grey and washed out, like COD: Ghosts. Fans have been screaming that COD needs a new engine, it needs a new visual powerhouse to make these games look good. Now I know that World War II has it’s own specific look, Spielberg captured that perfectly in Saving Private Ryan, but his movie also looked fucking fantastic. So I’m fine with Sledgehammer giving the game an aesthetic to look grimy and gritty, just make it detailed, WOW me, blow my socks off with stunning 4K visuals like Battlefield 1 did for Frostbite last year.

Again, I’ll hold off on how I feel and my how my love for COD stands after Wednesday, but right now, I’m being a little trepid. For those of you on PS4 like me, it looks like Activision and Sony’s partnership will continue for the third year in a row, with Playstation players getting DLC 30 days earlier than folks on PC and Xbox, so we have that.