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Leaked images show off some of Overwatch’s new skins ahead of Tuesday launch

by on April 10, 2017

If you’re an Overwatch junkie like myself and Jsun, then the chances are you’re stoked for the new event kicking off this Tuesday, April 11th. We are circling the 1-year anniversary time frame and it looks like Blizzard has some goodies in store for its fans.

Last week, Blizzard released a new web comic detailing an event earlier in the Overwatch mythos. The event depicted showed Tracer starting her training at Overwatch, Mercy and Winston working side-by-side and Gabriel Reyes, aka Reaper, in his Black Watch outfit, was still apart of the team. One thing that made the time period clearly stand out, were the uniforms that the team were all wearing. They matched and the look like Soldier 76’s Captain Morrison uniform that came with the Origins Edition upon release. You can see the image below.

If [Greg] Kaplan and team are dropping hints at what we are about to receive on Tuesday, than that makes all difference regarding the leaked image in the header. That image comes from an XBOX One dashboard. Images of the dashboard are from a user on Imgur.com, named RaulRSD. We have absolutely zero info on how that image got there or who Raul is, but he clearly has access to something we do not.

Since these images can’t be verified, it’s worth noting that they may be fake. However, those characters in that dashboard shot look spot on to Blizzard’s renderings and if someone had the time to accurately render all those characters in new skins, they may want to find work in the industry, because that be the fastest turnout on rendering characters for a game I’ve ever seen. Plus, why bother? To have your 15 mins of fame and dupe the internet for a few hours, you’d be willing to spend 24+ hours rendering those leaks? Nah, I seriously doubt it.

If I had to guess, I’d say those are the real deal. The question now is, are those the only new skins for those characters? We’re also only seeing four characters out of the 22 now playable. We also know that Widowmaker will receive her first legendary skin, which I’ve been very vocal about for months. Widowmaker is one of my favorites, in my top three for sure, and the fact that she hasn’t had any new skin since the Olympics, sorry, Summer games, is bullshit. On top of that, it was a re-color of one of her existing skins. Her news one better be good and not to the same shitty level like Mei’s Santa Suit.

Come Tuesday we should get a whole heap of good stuff and the images above, appear to be just the start.

Here’s another shot of the leak: