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Lara Croft Go gets Free DLC Mirror of Spirits on iOS

by on April 13, 2017

Lara Croft Go was one of the only mobile games I played last year, not because I don’t like games on my phone, but that I find that most games on mobile devices are the same experience, re-packaged in a new skin. I’m tired of the build and conquer games. I don’t want Tower Defense shit, I want fun, challenging games with unique puzzles. Games that require you to build something, then wait or pay, drive me up a wall. So when I discovered  Lara Croft Go, I was pleasantly surprised. The puzzles were nice and varied, some more challenging than others, and the animations were very fluid. Overall the game was well done and perhaps the best game on my phone that I’ve played since Monument Valley.

I’m excited that today the new expansion or DLC for Lara Croft Go is out now, for free no less, on iOS devices. This new expansion is called Mirror of Spirits, which has already been available on PC, as of last week. Mirror of Spirits isn’t completely new to some, as the expansion came with the the base game when it debuted on Playstation 4 and Vita last year. So while it’s a little late to arrive for iOS owners, it’s free and it adds more awesome puzzles to an already great game. So I’m not going to complain. If you haven’t played the game, you need too, it’s not expensive and the team deserved your money for the hard work. If we want more quality games, with a standard upfront low-charge cost, you need to support the devs that are doing that, otherwise, it’s going to be free games with in-app purchases that will string you along, like Clash of Clans, Game of War, Assault Strike or whatever Arnold Schwarzenegger is pushing this month.

As for an Android version, nothing has been said as of right now, but if we hear anything, we’ll be sure to update you here on Go Frak Yourself.