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Justice League movie-the Frak epilogue

by on November 25, 2017

It has been a week since the movie has released and the reception has been anything but kind. We here at the Frak have very strong opinions when it comes to the Justice League (shocker huh?), so it may have been somewhat of a surprise that we have patiently waited this long to put our spin on what appears to be still a very controversial matter, a subject of great scrutiny and debate. There are swarms of online reviews and stories that are relentlessly hammering all of the negative issues with the movie instead of celebrating all of the positives that exist with film and this brand as a whole.

First and foremost we should ALL BE ecstatic at the fact this film even got finished. In all honesty, the tragedy that befell the Snyder family this year is unimaginable to me, and before that happened all of you poop-slingers were hating on Snyder. You were probably part of amassing those petitions to get him removed due to the travesty of story telling that was the BvS movie. Then there is the unfathomable burden that was first Zac Snyder’s (its the JL, do you think that is a easy undertaking?) and then passed off to Joss Whedon at such a unfinished state? I can’t imagine Joss calling him up to be like, “hey buddy, I know you got a lot of stuff going on now but can we talk the return of Superman please?.” Really!? Get your sh** and criticism together folks!

A big thank you to Joss Whedon for taking it over and trying to appease the fans that were complaining about the dreary tone of its predecessor…yes, you people; the same ones complaining that the movie is a nonsensical butchering of a childhood dreams. I personally think you did a hell of job. Were threre issues with the movie? Yup. Sure was. In the grand scheme of it all this movie deliver and when it was done was it a real good time?

Yes Indeed!

So, Im not gonna sit here and try to sell you on something that I am sure you have been reading all about in your feeds all week.  Go see the movie and judge for yourself, it is worth the price of admission and when finished you should circle back around to the Frak.

I can wholeheartedly assure you of the following though…

This following  podcast that recaps and reviews the entire movie and more is= FUNNY AF!!! So, check it out and give the feed a follow!

In this cast J & Mike are joined by Tom and Scott and it is safe to say not all of the opinions in the show are not shared by all.

There are Easter eggs galore in the show so enjoy. All content with in the show is used with the upmost respect and homage intended. If anyone has a issue with the content and or opinions feel free to drop us a line!

And finally, was this Supergirl or what? Superman has never shown that much leg before!