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Infinity War Roster- The breakdown so far!

by on June 26, 2017

May 4, 2018- Mark that date on your calendar.

It is never to soon to put in that vacation request…stealthily plan a “sick day” use, or start making some good friends at your local theater…for it is less then a year away (we all know how quickly time can pass) before Marvel’s-Infinity War (Avengers 3) finally releases.

While there has been zero teaser trailers released or even a official movie poster….the hype train has been building with each and every event, news story, new movie release, and also {as you can see via this Russo Brothers Instagram picture} some times it is just a single item. It does not take much to generate excitement and speculation upon seeing something like this nor theorizing on the who’s who and what’s what and what exactly could be in store for our beloved heroes.

Bookmark this baby because it is a doozy!


So that photo right up there with all of the trailers…this released early June. This is day 63 on set of Infinity War and is apparently the lot that is housing all of the “stars” of this movie. This movie and story arc that has been steadily building momentum since the first MCU movie way back in, 2008’s- Iron Man, then Thor’s debut, Cap’s as well all the way to the first group ensemble movie 2012’s Avengers. At that point phase-1 was complete and all of the subsequent sequels and new additions (Ant-man, Dr. Strange,GotG, etc) would continue to plant the seeds and lay the groundwork that will manifest one of the biggest turning points in MCU and bring forth the highly anticipated Darkside……I mean Thanos into the fold. So let the Frak-crack open this roster, some of which are confirmed; others that are expected and finally a few that more then likely are only going to happen in our dreams…

49 different trailers here folks!

As of=Post Captain America-Civil War and Dr. Strange these are the confirmed.

Team Iron Man

Iron Man- Tony Stark or as the world used to call him Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) is contractually bound as of now to Spider-Man’s Homecoming, Infinity War, and the yet untitled sequel to Infinity War in 2019. While I do not expect him to die permanently, It is quite apparent that for the OG heroes/stars such as RDJ their time is almost at a end and the reigns to the MCU are going to be passed/realigned if you will…New Avengers for Avengers 4 anyone?

Spider-Man-While there is no denying having Spidey along for this battle will be cool, all of the hoopla concerning who gets to use him and when it is super obvious that Spider-Man will be safe through all of this and unfortunately will not be part of the official new Avengers whenever this is said and done. It is highly unlikely we will even see him in Avengers 4.

Vision-every time I see this guy I think about Bishop from Aliens. This is going to be so bad. Aside from what Thanos is going to do to this guy it would be interesting to see if they develop Vision and Scarlet Witch’s relationship for yes folks, in the comics these two do in fact get married and it does indeed cause some real serious shit to go down!

War Machine-I expect a full recovery and him to survive the next wave and assist Falcon with the New Avengers.


Team Cap

Steve Rogers-He like Tony Stark’s time in the MCU, is about to come to a end…even if just for one movie, Captain America has to die. There are whispers of him appearing in Spider-Man’s-Homecoming (all of that smack talk about taking Cap’s shield is going to catch up!) but he is currently attached as well to Avengers 4.

Scarlet Witch-potentially the most unpredictable and deadly team member on either squad. I do not expect her to have her “no more mutants” moment ever (since the word MUTANT is taboo at MCU)…she is one person who is capable of pulling a “Barry Allen” and really Frak everything up real bad and real fast. I fully expect her to survive the impending threat yet completely capable of being one herself.

Falcon- good ole Papa Doc himself Anthony Mackie, he is a loyal soldier and pledged to Cap’s cause and at the end of the day what is morally right. It is expected for his character to make it past IW and in the comics one day he actually becomes Captain America….but not before this next guy does.

Winter Soldier- He is currently on a cryogenic siesta in Wakanda, the kingdom of the Black Panther. I would not be surprised at all if Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier sits out the majority of Infinity War and is brought in only after the core part of the Avengers are wiped out.

Ant-Man- there are two things that are going to make Paul Rudd’s, Ant-man so important for Infinity War. The first being with all of the doom and gloom that is going to happen it is important to have someone that can still bring forth a more optimistic and humorous point of view on things. The second being his overlooked or unthought of power and abilities…the power to shrink to a immeasurable size…or the complete opposite grow to a tremendous size (as shown in Civil War) you forget just how invaluable he can become at acquiring things or forgotten about all together until the right time for a reveal. The movie Marvel’s Ant-Man is quite possibly the most overlooked and a unexpectedly great contribution on the entire roster of movies thus far. I am not saying it was perfect but damn, it was a lot of fun!

Black Panther- We first were introduced to the prince who would become a king in Captain America’s Civil War movie and it was one hell of a debut. Aside from the absolute ass-kicking display of awesome he displayed in that movie the recently released teaser trailer for his actual debut movie did not disappoint! It is going to take us into the heart of Wakanda and we are going to be introduced to all sorts of different Marvel universe characters including that of Danai Gurira’s Okoye..rumored to be one of the Milaje, the Black Panthers personal body guards for when he is in King mode. Yup, he is that damn cool that he has a squad of sexy bad-ass women that will put a serious hurting on someone if they disrespect the King!

Hawkeye-This guy…highly underused with a massive debt to repay. In the comics there was a event called Avengers-Dissassembled in which Hawkeye died in a epic and heroic fashion, this movie very well may be his last stand. My vote=he is not going to make it.

Nick Fury & Maria Hill- There is not much to say about these two here. They should play little to no significance with IW aside from getting the non-flyers from point A to B and provide some witty dialog in-between. I do not care either way.


Currently Unaligned- *as of writing unconfirmed

Thor-there is way to much to say about Thor and Hulk and their immense impact on any field of battle…and Ragnarok has not even arrived yet. I will update this post after the movie releases and we review but think back real quick to that vision that Thor had where he saw several heroes dead and the shield of Captain America shattered in pieces. Thor has to be taken off the board.

Bruce Banner & the Hulk- The Mighty Thor’s friend from work. HULK WILL SMASH ALL!

Guardians of the Galaxy-Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot, Mantis, Nebula- Who invited these M*****F*****’s to the party!? Ha, the best thing about these guys is we know for sure that they are the good guys (and Nebula). It will be real cool to see Star Lord trade smug smart ass remarks with Tony Stark and Rocket telling everyone to go F*** themselves will be all sorts of great! Will we get teenage Groot and a Gamora vs Black Widow fight?

Hope Van Dyne*- She who shall become one of the most important Avengers in comic history, the Wasp. The daughter of Janet Van Dyne (name of original) and at the end of Ant-Man the torch of the Wasp (and suit) were being passed on to her. It is a pretty low possibility that she is going to even get screen time if be in this movie at all but fingers are crossed. If Ant-Man is in action It would only make sense for her to play some sort of a role then roll that steam of those two into their subsequent film 2018’s, Ant-Man and the Wasp. It better not be a damn post credit scene either!

Black Widow-There are so many different things I would like to say about you Black Widow. I will keep it simple and say that she is a survivor. She always has a angle even if it means playing one against the other for the greater good and to cover her….back. Natasha Romanov will survive.

Dr. Strange & Wong– I don’t know what to expect from the dear doctor at all folks. The recent stand-alone Dr. Strange movie was great! I just finished watching it for a third time and each time it is something else. The end scene which pitted Strange against Dormamu was just incredible; or rather that Dr. Strange is incredibly smart. The Eye of Agamotto houses one of the gems so a showdown between Strange and Thanos is inevitable. There is no way the Dr. is going to pull the same trick again and more then likely this is what will first unite all of the New York based heroes with Strange and Wong aka the point in which the sh** really hits the fan in the film.

Carol Danvers (Capt. Marvel)*- This character Captain Marvel is quite possibly my favorite female Avenger. She is a tank of hero…a cosmic level powerhouse. She has flight, enhanced strength, energy blasts from her fists, and can take a beating and keep on fighting like few others…sadly this is the one that I expect to be a post credit type of scene. If we are lucky we would see her on a Air-Force base possibly even flying with a squad when Thanos and company finally arrive on Earth, I just don’t expect for us to see her at full power or even with her powers-YET. With the Captain Marvel movie releasing 2 months before the sequel to Infinity War she is sure to have a tremendous role in the future of the MCU…Im just thinking they are going to really make us sweat this one out.


Wild Cards

Loki– he started this whole sh**! We will have more developments on this flippy flopper of trickster come post-Thor Ragnarok.

Baron Mordo– High probability that we do not see him again until the sequel to Dr. Strange or maybe even Black Panther movie. A post-credit scene at best…his story should be at the forefront of a movie not another ones side-chick.

Odin- update in Sept.

Hela– The Asgardian Goddess of Death. We will definitely update you on her status come Sept. Her involvement in things is always very interesting. And did you see what she did to Thor’s hammer Mjolnir? Holy Sh**!

Thanos & “unnamed henchmen” (played by-Terry Notary)-Thanos is the end all be all in the grand scheme of villains and story arc for MCU. It is like in Game of Thrones and for seasons and years we have been saying Winter is Coming! Well it is exactly the same thing for Thanos because he is almost here. We do know of course that Josh Brolin is playing Thanos (Goonies never die!), when Thanos does finally arrive and collects all of the Infinity Stones (and he will get them all!) not only will he don the infamous Infinity Gauntlet but he will also complete a act so monstrously devastating that all of the Earth and all of its mightiest heroes will suffer. It should go without saying, that where Thanos goes, Death is not far behind (figuratively and literally). The name of Terry Notary’s character has yet to be revealed but rumored to be that of Corvus Glaive a deadly warrior and Thanos’s right hand man. Terry Notary is a mo-cap actor who did multiple performances on 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes and most recently KONG himself in the most recent Kong: Skull Island film. It is only a hunch that his character is going to be a huge motion capture one and why not, I mean this guy has had to learn a thing or to from quite possibly the best in that business…this next guy.

Ulysses Klau– You can’t ever forget about Gollum sneaking around in the shadows. Andy Serkis is the most talented dude you have rarely seen in human form. He is a central villain for the upcoming Black Panther movie and has a comic history of being a major player in the cosmic scheme of things. He is one to watch out for…that is unless they decide to pull a CROSSBONES on us again.


We are at 34, give 4 of these trailers to Russo Bros and company/film crew= 38. Filmmaker or not, would you not want your trailer as close to the action as possible!? My guess would be the 4 way up top. And clearly some of these picks are unconfirmed…

INFINITY WAR WISHLIST (pure speculation)

The DefendersDaredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist– I just don’t see a problem here at all MCU. All of these actors (even Iron Fist) can hold their weight on the big screen…you could argue that some of the fights we have seen on Netflix rival the best and most expensive fights of the big leagues. As far as different tones between the two (Netflix and Hollywood), it would bring that grittier necessary elevation of performance and realism that the MCU needs to keep. You can still keep the entire targeted audience without losing the kids by bringing in these 4, and save the more “Mature” content for Netflix

The Punisher- The first season of Punisher is supposed to debut on Netflix this “holiday season”. You have to be living in a cave if you have not watched season 2 of Daredevil to witness the rebirth of the best-cast Punisher ever. Shane….I mean John Berthnal, is just incredible as Frank Castle. We will absolutely keep you update with all Pun info as we get closer.

Agents of Shield- (only 3 members IMO would qualify for big screen)- Agent Coulson, Quake, Yo-Yo-I really would of expected ABC and Disney to have pulled the plug on ‘AoS’ but that is definitely not the case as we are heading into season 5, and off of one of the best seasons since its start. What a great tail end of the season and cliff-hanging finale. Agent Phil Coulson is the first that jumped off of the big screen and still till this date has been operating in the shadows of all the Avengers (deceptively so?) and the Hydra angle never truly goes away. The current state of TV and Comics with Marvel this past year has been very “Hail Hydra” with even Captain America himself {shamefully} as a Hydra sleeper agent. The other two that could easily make the jump would be core members of the Secret Warriors and since the death of Quicksilver the MCU desperately needs a new speedster (Yo-Yo) that can take our minds off of the Flash; Quake would be a asset with her powers as well or even to set up a potential spin-off series as the next season of Agents of Shield could very well be the last.


We are at 47 different actor trailers here…48 if we were to include 

 The Collector- Whoopie! He will be the equivalent of jail house snitch and should be of no consequence during the big events if not entire movie. A great actor just small fries in terms of being something special in the war that is coming.

That is almost all of the trailers right there…anyone could easily dispute half of the Wild Card list (exception of Thanos) and it has been publicly argued that there is currently “no plans” to merge the Netflix and ABC cast of heroes into the MCU at this stage. Which makes my predictions and or potential surprises for this movie at a all time high! If you were doing the math with me that leaves a gauranteed 14/15 possibilities. There are plenty of other potential characters from Nova, to Dewey Cox and the sure to be doomed Nova Corps, Death, Adam Warlock, Ayesha….or maybe if the wheeling and dealing behind the scenes really paid off, a amazing cameo from Deadpool or a X-Man??

Ha! Of course, all of the damn STARS could of parked off set and most of these trailers you see are like: the lunch trucks, the recreational room, laundry, etc…and all of this was for NADA!

That would SUCK!

As my co-host Mike would say, “Damn that is a lot pictures!” and “Holy Shit! there is going to be a lot of stuff going on in this movie”. I have been reading the the stories for years and how they are going to pull this off and the wait is killing me! This is going to be the biggest superhero spectacle ever shot on film and intends to deliver on every level. …at least that is what the word and hope for is on this side of the street.

THOR-RAGNAROK feat. Hulk & Dr. Strange releases Nov. 3rd

BLACK PANTHER feat. Michonne releases Feb. 16th, 2018

AVENGERS-INFINITY WAR feat. everyone releases May 4th, 2018.

Just in case you are keeping score= INFINITY STONES (and current standings)

The Infinity Stones are:

  • Blue/ The Tesseract- aka Space Jem(Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers)-back in Asgard-Odin’s vault.
  • Red/Aether aka Reality Gem(Thor: The Dark World)-
  • Purple/The Orb aka Power Gem(GoTG)-still under the care of the Nova Corps.
  • Yellow/The Scepter aka The Mind Gem(Avengers: Age of Ultron)-in the head of the Vision. It is what has made him complete. This poor guy is going to be destroyed in such a wicked way-guaranteed!
  • Green/The Eye of Agamoto or The Necklace aka The Time Gem(Doctor Strange)-still with in the eye and in the New York sanctum under the watch of Dr. Strange & Wong.
  • Orange/The Soul Gem- has yet to be revealed with in the MCU. I would place money on the reveal being in Thor-Ragnarok.

We will update you after Thor Ragnarok.






Thanos featured image courtesy of Marcus1art; follow him at Marcus13art @instagram