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The Frak – Episode 47: “Buy the one that works!”

by on November 11, 2017

In this game-centric episode, J & Tom are joined by our good friend Alex from Boston, as we are all ditched by “New Daddy Mike” who fell asleep during loading screens of Call of Duty.

On this week’s episode, we cover:
* Early impression of Mario Odyssey and Call of Duty WWII
* Have we held true to our words and watched the new Star Wars the Last Jedi trailer yet?
* November 17th Doomsday…again! What could it be this time?
* The Curse of the Frak– predicting the future and bad things related to Hollywood is becoming a staple of the Frak. So who got the curse this time and who will be next?
* The secret of securing a B2G1 free on games!


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