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Forza Horizon 3’s Hot Wheels update is now Live! (Pictures)

by on May 9, 2017

I have yet to pick up Forza Horizon 3, I’m not sure why, laziness maybe?!? I was going to replace my old water-logged Xbox One (if you don’t know the story at this point, listen to some of the old podcasts) with an Xbox One S with Forza Horizon 3 Bundle, but when I saw the Battlefield One 1TB Xbox One S on Newegg for just $230, I couldn’t pass it up. But today, I’m left with no excuses, I have to buy Forza Horizon 3. Why? Just view the image below and tell me you can resist.

I don’t know about some of you, but for me, this is like my imagination, come to life. When I was kid, back in the 80’s, this is exactly what I pictured in my mind, when I was playing with my Hot Wheels cars. Now, I can actually play and DRIVE some of the cars I used to own on crazy tracks in first or third person.

Speaking of cars I used to play with, the new DLC (out today) brings with it, 10 Hot Wheels cars, including:

The 1969 Hot Wheels Twin Mill
The 2011 Hot Wheels Bone Shacker
The 2012 Hot Wheels Rip Rod
The 2005 Hot Wheels Ford Mustang
The 2016 Jeep Trailcat
The 2016 Zenvo ST1
The 2010 Pagani Zonda R
The 1972 Chrylster VH Valiant Charger R/T E49
and finally, the 2007 Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT38

The tenth car, is a mystery car, the “Barn Find car” has to be found. The DLC is $20, or if you’ve purchased the $35 expansion pass, it’s already included, after the previous pack, Blizzard Mountain.

This will be on my Xbox One S before the sun rises on Saturday morning, that much I guarantee. What say you?