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First Look: Call of Duty WWII Zombies

by on April 26, 2017

So while the announcement of the new Call of Duty WWII has come and gone, the announcement of multiplayer was vague, though does show something really cool and big, which I’ll cover in a bit, the second tidbit that was mentioned, was the inclusion of another Zombies mode.

Unlike Infinite Warfares over the top, 80’s, Rave in the Woods and Kung-Fu crap-fest, Sledgehammer is bringing fans a truly horrifying example of WWII zombies. They didn’t show any footage of the mode, but did reveal the picture below.

We’re talking Walking Dead level of zombie aka “Walkers” here. At E3, we’re going to hear more and see more about zombies and multiplayer, which Sledgehammer says they are going to redefine. We saw a two second clip, of what looked like a mission post or ground zero base for soldiers, with hundreds of players (with their gamertags above their head)  walking around. I’m not entirely sure what this is or means, but I’d like to think that COD will keep their 6 on 6 gameplay mode, but finally open up to something like 32 vs 32 to give Battlefield a run for its money and give players that true, WWII battle feeling.

Come June, we’ll see.