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First box art for FarCry 5 released

by on May 24, 2017

So while we’ve teased with a few live action trailers about FarCry 5, we finally have our first look at characters via the poster below. The image, which clearly depicts characters in game seated at a long table, very much like Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” painting. While nothing else has been revealed, we’re left to speculate as to what the game is about from the image itself.


Let’s break it down. Obviously the last supper connotation means that this game is going to revolve around some type of religious group, perhaps a cult of some sort. With the person down front, tied up with the word “Sinner” written on his back, a box full of guns and ammo and all the men features grizzled, men of the hills appearance, this picture screams creepy, inescapable cult. I say inescapable because if you saw the FarCry live action teasers, we see a guy running through a wheat field, like he is trying to escape, only to be shot and killed. Another clip has a woman, or so I think, floating face down in a stream, another shows trees, followed by a man screaming, like he’s being tortured and birds fly away and finally we have the slow pan over a church, with a man in the steeple ringing the bell.

See the video below:

If you look carefully at the church, hanging on the front, is a blue flag of some sort, with a weird symbol that looks like a cross between a star and the german iron cross. It’s the same symbol/star used on the remodeled US flag on the table in the poster above. So while this may be just my speculation, it appears that FarCry 5 may have our hero, who could be some sort of local sheriff or lawman, who is tasked with bringing down a local cult/supremacist group in a remote town in Montana.

Again, this is just my take, but I’m curious to see what you all think and more important, do you like this angle that Ubisoft is going with the franchise?